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Physician assistant treats a patientTo have a position of a physician assistant is a good way to start a medical career. Being supervised and guided by the experienced physician, you can learn the beginnings and get ready to open your own practice few years later.

Our list of physician assistant interview questions and tips should help you to get this job, without too much of a trouble.

Physician chooses for his assistant always someone who he likes personally. You two will spend quite a lot of time together, or at least speak on the phone a lot together. So the relationship building is crucial! Try to be relaxed in the interview, and show lot of respect to the physician interviewing you.

How to to so? Try to listen to him and speak only to the point. A little chit-chat is also advisable in these types of interview. You can use the things in his office for an inspiration to choose a topic (e.g. children).

Before you go to the interview, you should definitely have a look at few things.

  • Find out as much as you can about the doctor and the practice. To know the information and present it at the right time during the interview demonstrates a high level of interest for the position and doctor himself.
  • Check out what is new in the industry. The physician is also looking for an added value in his assistant. If you show him that there is also something he can learn from you, he will give you some preference to other candidates.
  • If you have a friend who is a patient of this physician, ask him for some positive feedback.  You can compliment the physician in the interview for it. Believe me, physicians (like everyone else) just love such compliments!

Okay, so you have some tips what to focus on in your preparation. Now you can practice with the following list of typically asked questions.


Ten typical physician assistant interview questions

  1. Why have you decided for a job of physician assistant? (Find some help with the answer here.)
  2. What do you think characterize a good physician assistant?
  3. How do you imagine a typical working day of physician assistant?
  4. From your point of view, what are the main duties of physician assistant?
  5. Have you any experience with prescribing medication, surgery assistance or conducting physical exams with patients?
  6. Where do you see your career in medicine in five years horizon?
  7. Why have you chosen PD and not MD?
  8. Do you prefer more to give orders or to take orders?
  9. What do you think about the relation of you and your supervising physician?
  10. What do you consider as your main strengths and main weaknesses as a doctor? (Find some help with the answer here)


So, that’s it. Always remember that physicians (or any doctors in general) are not human resources professionals. They will not show up with a perfect list of physician assistant interview questions and psychometric tests.

They will have just a short list of questions, if any. A key is to make a good impression and use the tips presented in the first part of this article. Doing so, there is no way they choose someone else than you. Of course, if you know all the right job interview tips. Do you know it?

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