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Injection in handsWe all dream about having a good easy life, enough money, love maybe… and some of us dream of meaningful purpose of life too. Job of a pharmacist is an occupation that can provide you all of the mentioned. However, it’s a long run project... Competition is tough and schools “produce” much more graduates in this field, as employment market can absorb. That’s reality. Having said that, to get to a pharmacy school is equally, if not even more difficult! Number shows that in every developed country less than 20% of applicants secure their place in a study program. How to make a cut?

Personal connection

The truth is that personal connection is still a winner. If you have a friend at the pharmacy school (or your father has a good one), or if your family can make a nice donation, it won’t be a problem to get to their school… Speaking frankly, if you have such a chance, you should take it. That’s a system. I do not say it is right, but we can’t change it. We just have to live in the society… And what if you have no connection, or no funds available to make a juicy donation to the pocket of one of the admission committee members? If it is a case, you have no other option than to prepare well for your interview. We will try to show you how.


You are a student, not a pharmacist (yet!)

Before we look at particular questions they will ask you, it’s important to realize few principles. For you, as well as for 90% other applicants, it will be the first interview in life. So take it easy. Bet on human natures that are rare and sought. Being humble, showing respect to the teachers, showing enthusiasm for the studies and their school can win you their hearts. This is an absolute basic condition and someone without these characteristics will never secure a spot – unless he has the connection :). So, set your mind for success and show humility, respect and motivation.


Lunch with other studentsYour own will, not the dream of your parents

This one happens too often. Young man comes to an interview and from the first moment we feel that it is not him, but his parents, who want to have a pharmacy student under their roof… Well, this isn’t a way to success (unless donation has been made before). Speaking frankly, you yourself have to understand why you want to study pharmacy and make a clear picture about your future life. Then we will see that you have a perspective to finish the school, to graduate, and to serve people as a good pharmacist one day. So if you do NOT want to work as a pharmacist one day, forget on the things your parents tell you. Do not apply. Find something you like to do and follow your dream…

The interview questions

So, have you set your mind the right way? And are you sure you want to study pharmacy? Then here are the questions to expect:

  • Why do you want to become a pharmacist?
  • What motivates you to this career choice?
  • Are there any doctors or pharmacists in your family?
  • Why do you want to study at our school and not somewhere else?
  • Why should we give you a place and not prioritize other students?
  • Pharmacy studies are extremely tough and time demanding. Are you ready to handle that? What are you willing to sacrifice for a sake of your studies?
  • What makes our school unique in your eyes?
  • Do you want to apply for any form of scholarship?
  • Can you name some of your qualities that would benefit you as a pharmacist? And is there anything you would like to improve on?
  • Do you watch trends in the industry? What caught your eye lately?
  • Except of studying, what do you plan to do while being at the college?

These are some common questions. They may let you to write an essay too, or complete some tests, but it is not always the case. Remember, there are more important things than your answers to the questions. The key is to create a completer picture of you, picture of a great future pharmacist. We hope that our article helped you to do so… For some more inspiration do not hesitate to check our unique interview tips. Thank you!

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