Three young students who try to get a place in a study program at pharmacy school. We can see clearly a face of a girl with glasses, but the faces of two other applicants are blurred. The number of applications exceeds the number of students they can accept each year. This is true with most pharmacy schools, and when we talk about the prestigious colleges, the ratio can be 10:1, or even higher.

What questions will they ask you? How to make a cut? How to convince them to give you a place in their study program? We will try to answer the questions in this article.


You are a student, not a pharmacist (at least not yet)

Before we look at particular interview questions, you should understand a few things.

For 90% of all applicants, this will be their first interview.  The interviewers won’t expect you to know anything about pharmacy. They know that you will be nervous, and some of the admission committee members will be nervous as well!

Try to not put an excessive pressure on you. Expect the best. Try to come there with a right mindset, armed with the information about their school and study programs (you will need the information to answer some of their questions).


A panoramatic view on a cantine in a pharmacy school. Your own dream, not the dream of your parents

This one happens often: A young woman comes to an interview, and after talking to her for five minutes, we know that her parents want to have a pharmacy student in their house…It is their dream, but she is not sure if she wants to follow that dream.

Unless you know why you want to study pharmacy, unless it is your own goal for the future, you will hardly make a good impression in an interview. If we spot it, we won’t accept you for the study program.

If you are not sure whether you want to work as a pharmacist one day, do not apply for a pharmacy school. You will only waste your time (with difficult studies), and perhaps you will take a place someone else could get, someone who was really interested in the field…


The interview questions

Ready to succeed? Sure you want to study pharmacy? All right. Let’s have a look at the questions you will deal with in an interview:

  • Why do you want to become a pharmacist?
  • What motivates you to this career choice?
  • Are there any doctors or pharmacists in your family?
  • Why do you want to study at our school, and not somewhere else?
  • Why should we give you a place, instead of prioritizing someone else?
  • Pharmacy studies are extremely hard and time demanding. Are you ready to handle that? What are you willing to sacrifice?
  • What makes our school unique in your eyes?
  • Do you want to apply for any form of scholarship?
  • Can you name some of your qualities that would benefit you as a pharmacist? And is there anything you would like to improve on?
  • Do you watch trends in the industry? What caught your eye lately?
  • Except of studying, what do you plan to do while being at the college?


Essays and tests

They may ask you to write an essay, or to complete a personality test in an interview, but it is not always the case.

Remember, the key is to present yourself as someone who knows what they want to do in their life, who knows why they chose a particular school, who can bring some value to the student community, and who sees a meaningful purpose in a job of a pharmacist…


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