Personal Banker Interview Questions and Answers

Personal banker belongs to popular customer service jobs, and you will face a tough competition in every interview. Unless you demonstrate excellent communication and sales skills, and a decent knowledge of banking products, your chances of succeeding will be slim.

To help you with your preparation for an interview, we prepared a list of common interview questions for personal bankers.

Why do you want to become a personal banker?

Focus on the value you can bring to their bank, your good knowledge of banking products, or skills that are relevant for the job.

I like the working environment in a bank, and I excel in selling. Role of a personal banker seems like a perfect job for me.


Why do you want work at our banking institution?

You should prepare for this question in advance.

  1. Check the website of the bank.
  2. Write down things that you can praise them for, such as interesting banking products, vision and philosophy of their bank, creative marketing campaigns, good working environment, reputation, positive reviews from former employees.
  3. Once they ask you the question, refer to the good things you identified in step 2.


Here is a product we offer (e.g. a loan). Why should the clients decide for this particular loan?

The questions is your chance to show them that you understand the features of banking products, that you can use the right terminology, and can present the benefits of the products to the client in a proper way, one that reflects their needs and desires.

While answering, focus on the benefits the clients will gain with their purchase. You can also ask them some additional questions, to find out details of their situation, form example why they need the product, and not another one.


What characterize a good personal banker?

Great listening skills, loyalty, ability to build relationships with their clients, ability to pitch them in a right time and in a right way, responsible personality.


How would you deal with a stupid customer?

Not every client is nice, or clever. You need to convince the interviewers that you do not mind talking to angry or to stupid people, and that their behavior would not affect you in your job, in a negative way.

I would use a simple language, and give them many questions to ensure that they understood what we were talking about.

Role play exercise

You can expect at least one role play in your interview. Interviewer will play a client of a bank, and you will play the banker. Your task will be to sell them a product, to pitch them, or simply to talk to them about a possible cooperation. You should focus on the following things:

  • Trying to understand what they really need (targeted questions will help)
  • Describing how the product would help them to satisfy their needs (the one you identify with your questions)
  • Closing the deal at the right time)


Special preparation for the role play and tough behavioral questions for personal bankers

Jack Groner, Interview coach and former interviewer at Citi Bank, prepared a specialized website for personal banker job applicants. If you want, you can check it here, to learn how to answer the difficult behavioral questions, and how to flourish in the role play.

Alternatively you can check our Finance & Banking Interview Section.