Personal bankers in BoAPersonal banker is one of the best jobs you can get. Bankers deal with all kinds of clients, they spend the time with many successful and clever people.

To find out if you have the right mindset for this job, HR workerswill test you with a set of targeted interview questions. Apart from your mindset, your practical knowledge of banking products, as well as your communication skills and selling skills, will be put under test.

To help you succeed, we prepared a list of common personal banker interview questions. You can learn what to expect, as well as what to answer. However, do not forget that your presence in an interview is more important than your answers to interview questions. You should act professionally but friendly at the same time, keep eye contact, listen carefully to the interviewers and answer all their questions to the point – exactly like an ideal banker would do in their job. Let’s have a look at the questions.



Why do you want to become a personal banker?

You should not speak about a good job and the salary. Oppositely, you need to focus on the value the bank will gain when hiring you. Good answer example:


I have good communication skills, people like to talk to me and trust me and I have a good knowledge of banking products. Therefore I believe that I can do a good job as a personal banker.


Why do you want to be a personal banker in our institution?

You should prepare for this question in advance. The best approach is the following one:

  • Browse the website of the bank.
  • Try to locate things that catch your attention, things you like about them. This can be, but is not limited to: interesting banking products, vision and philosophy of the bank, marketing campaigns, working environment.
  • Make notes about these things and bring it to the interview with you.


Here is a product we offer (e.g. mortgage loan). Why should the clients decide to take it?

This is one of the most important questions. It is time to show them that you:

  • Understand the features of banking products
  • Use the banking, finance and investment terminology
  • Can present the product in a right way, so the clients would see the benefits
  • Can uncover the needs of the clients

To ensure that you do well, we advice you to have a look at the financial products of the bank and simply prepare yourself for this question.


At the end of the day, you need to remember that benefits, not features, are crucial for the client. While answering this question, focus on the things the client will gain if they decide to purchase the product. Also, you should not forget to keep the eye contact with the interviewer while answering this question.

You can also ask them few additional questions, in order to find out important details about their situation, such as why they need the product and not another one. In fact, you can expect more questions like this one.


What characterize a good personal banker from your point of view?

Listening skills, ability to understand the needs of individual clients and confidentiality are good choices for your answer.


How would you deal with a stupid customer?

Let’s face it. Not everyone is professional in banking…. People sometimes have lots of money without understanding stuff. As a personal banker, you need to be able to deal with all types of customers, also the stupid people. Good answer:


I would try to use simple language, and always give a client many questions to ensure that he understood what we were discussing. I would also try to be pleasant and try to make him feel good about himself and his knowledge.


What would you do if there was not any good product for the client in our bank, but you knew there was one in competitor’s portfolio?

As a good personal banker, you should always look for solution that is good for both client and your employer – the bank. So your first option in this case should be to design a custom product that would suit client’s needs, if that was possible. However, if it was not possible, you should recommend him the product of the competitor. This is something the client would appreciate and it would open doors for future business with him.


Role play exercise

You can expect at least one role play in your interview. Interviewer will play a client of a bank and you will play the banker. Your task will be to sell them a product of a bank, to pitch them, or to do something else.
You should focus on the following things:

  • Understand what a client needs, using few targeted questions
  • Based on your observations, describe them how the product would help them to satisfy their needs
  • Listen carefully and keep an eye contact

If you do well in role play, your chances of getting a job will be very good. Good luck!

Special tip at the end: If you apply for a position of personal banker at Wells Fargo, or at Bank of America, have a look at the eBooks from one of our co-authors, Jacob Gates, called Wells Fargo Interview Guide and Bank of America Interview Guide. It can help you to outclass all the others and get a job. Thank you!