Imagination of road performance testingTo test a performance of an in-design or even a final hardware/software product is critical for every company. In order to achieve commercial success, high level of reliability, scalability and interoperability needs to be maintained.

Software and hardware companies are aware of this fact and show huge demand for quality performance testers, who can operate tools like LoadRunner and similar. Performance testing interview questions should help them to sort out the talkers from the people who really can do this job, and know what it takes. Find below a list of performance testing interview questions that are used commonly. It shoudl help you in your own interview preparation.


Commonly used performance testing interview questions

  1. What features and characteristics are assessed while performance testing is done?
  2. What do you personally consider as a best tool to conduct performance tests? Why do you prefer this tool to the others?
  3. What does abbreviation MIPS means?
  4. Define reliability, scalability and interoperability as an attributes of a network of your choice. How would you measure each of these attributes?
  5. Are there any drawbacks when we speak about manual load testing?
  6. Can you explain hardware tuning in load testing, in a way that a baker will understand it?
  7. When do you personally think a new hardware components should be performance tested (in what phase of development) and why?
  8. How to identify a CPU bottleneck on the application?


  1. What things shoudl you find out when looking into the standard deviation in load test results?
  2. Have you ever worked with LoadRunner? Describe us your experiences with this tool.
  3. Can you define the following performance testing terms in one sentence? Server time, HTTP status code, receive time, round trip time.
  4. Can you define the acceptable limits for Memory usage in load testing?
  5. Have you ever heard about performance tuning?
  6. Where do you see the future of performance testing?
  7. In the era of cloud computing, what attribute of software applications that are tested using load tests do you consider as the most important?

There is no way of answering the performance testing interview questions without knowing what you are talking about. But please do not forget that in order to get a job in a company, you’ll need to do something extra behind your answers to interview questions.

You will need to present a good level of loyalty for the company, true interest and enthusiasm and do some other things. In order to be prepared for this part of the job interview, have a look at Interview preparation guide. In case you want some more questions and answers besides those performance testing interview questions, have a look at LoadRunner interview questions or study other contents of this website. We wish you good luck!