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obiee structureTo work with Oracle business intelligence enterprise edition (OBIEE) is not easy as you know for sure. Not many people can handle that. When answering obiee interview questions in your face to face meeting with potential employer, you should answer all the questions with confidence. That’s the only way to demonstrate your expertise in the field and have the edge.

For your training purposes, we designed a list of ten typical obiee interview questions. We decided to not include the answers to these questions from a simple reason – it will hurt you in long term. You should better google for the answers, that’s the way how to really learn something and increase your obiee skills. So, here is the list:

Ten typical OBIEE interview questions


  • Q1: Define what abbreviation obiee means and why did you decide to work with these business intelligence tools?
  • Q2: What types of organizations should use obiee and why should they prefer it to other solutions, from your point of view?
  • Q3: Name at least six components of obiee that might be important for our business. Define the main functionality of every component and its main advantages.
  • Q4: Can you define the position of OBIEE in the development environment?
  • Q5: Name all the phases of life cycle of OBIEE.
  • Q6: Explain what means the term “Siebel Architecture”. How the analytical model is generated?
  • Q7: What is the route of data through the three layers of view?
  • Q8: Define at least two types of caching and advantages and disadvantages of both of them.
  • Q9: Your task is to set logging level in Siebel. Define step by step what you will do to accomplish the task.
  • Q 10:Can you migrate the layers across different servers in OBIEE? If yes, define how you can do it. If not, define why it is not possible.

OBIEE interview questions goes hand in hand with practical tasks as you can see from the list. If you have no real experience with OBIEE, you have no chance of getting this job. However, there are plenty of good courses and trainings (both life and online) where you can work on your OBIEE skills pretty quickly.

Once you get to a certain level of using and administrating OBIEE, you should have no problem with any OBIEE interview questions. We wish you lot of patience and fun with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

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