How to succeed in an interview for a nursing position?

Your certification, readiness for the job, your personality and attitude to work–the interviewers will try to understand them while talking to you.

Screening, behavioral and technical questions should help them with the task. In this short article we look the questions you can expect, and suggest you a good answer.

* The article is dedicated to nursing jobs in general, including CNA, registered nurse, and other nursing jobs. We focus primarily on questions they ask in the interviews in the United States, but you will get similar questions anywhere in the world, while trying to get a nursing job.

List of the question

  • Why do you want to work as a nurse? (Focus on your desire to help the others, on personal experience with nurses, and how this experience motivated you to purse the career in nursing.)
  • What are your core values? (They should relate to the job, so you can definitely pick sympathy, equality, good health, sense for community, responsibility, etc.)
  • What is your attitude to old people? Do you like to spend time with them? (You should be ready to treat every patient, and if you actually apply for a job in a nursing home, you should suggest that you prefer to work with old people, that you consider it your mission.)
  • Do you have a goal in your life? If yes, what it is? (Try to keep it simple, and in accordance with your career choice. Do not talk about starting your own business, or something similar. You can say that your goal is to achieve a healthy life-work balance, start a family, or basically become a great nurse.)
  • Do you like to talk to people? What topics for conversation do you like the most? (To say that you prefer listening to talking, and always try to encourage the patients to recall good memories is a good answer.)
  • Imagine you knew a patient who had little or no chances of surviving the night, and they were crying and lamenting that they did not want to die. What would you do to ease their suffering?
  • You have a little child to care for during the night shift. It is late in night, but the child can not sleep. What will you do? (Try to show that you care for the patients, that you do not only administer injections and pills, but also try to help the patients to cope with their suffering and emotions.)
  • Do you have any role model in your life? What do you like the most about your role model?
  • Imagine a mother of one of your patient complained about the care their child received in the hospital. How would you handle the situation?
  • Is there anything you do not like about the job of a nurse?
  • What do you think makes you a good nurse?
  • There are two patients demanding your attention at the same time. You are the only nurse on shift at the moment. What will you do?


Other things also matter in an interview

At the end of the day, job interview is a talk of two people (or sometimes more people, if you interview in front of a panel).

To give good answers to their questions is a foundation stone of your success, but other things matter as well. If you can win them over, if you can convince them that you are better than the other applicants for the job, if they enjoy the time with you in an interview, and can imagine working with you in the hospital, etc.

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