A picture illustrates the things we should consider when choosing our career - our interests, values, goals, etc.Many people feel tired in their jobs. They do not enjoy their life anymore. But when thinking about quitting the job, they are often bothered with the following question: What would I do if I quit? What could I do?

It is not easy to change your career. You have certain set of skills, education and experience. You are good in your job. You have your routine.

However, we prepared for you a list of careers that are easy to start, fun to do, and can bring new spark to your everyday life. Ready to start afresh?


1. HR worker (generalist, assistant, manager)

Many people are tired from working with computers, or standing at the assembly line for hours on end. If you belong to this group, you may find the role of an HR professional interesting.

For many HR roles, no special education or experience is required. Just work a bit on your people skills, communication skills, and show willingness to learn. Soon enough, you can change your lonely office or your spot at the assembly line for a never ending session of interesting meetings with other people from the company….


2. Marketing manager or trainee

Many jobs are routine, and you may be tired of one such job (or perhaps of a succession of routine, repetitive jobs). Give a try to marketing. Working on various campaigns, seeing interesting designs, being creative in job, and learning new subjects such as color psychology, consumers behavior, or website analytics, will bring a new spark of life to your daily routine.

What is more, there are plethora of entry level jobs in marketing, so you can jump to this field without having any previous experience with it.


3. Independent writer, content writer, proofreader, author

Woman is working as a content writer, an illustration. She is sitting in front of a computer, thinking about the concept of a new article.World is hungry for content. There is a huge demand for quality writers, proofreaders, translators. If you like to write things, you should definitely have a look at this field.

You can write content for websites, do some copy-writing, or even review, or write resumes (we did that for some time on Interview Penguin).

Profession of a writer has one extra advantage. You are independent, you can work from home, and you do not need to report to any bosses. If you are tired from the corporate hassle, go for writing!


4. Freelancing career

Sometimes it is not a job title, but the type of our occupation that stands between us and the feeling of happiness. The number of freelancers is growing each year, and with websites such as freelancer.com or fiverr.com, it was never easier to become one, and to find your first clients.

Learn a skill, or use a skill you already have, to build your successful career as a freelancer.

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