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It was a cold Monday morning… You woke up at 10am, everyone was already in work. You looked to the mirror and asked yourself: Why do I never get a job?

Reasons why you never get a job

However, the most common reason why people never get a job is that they simply do not try enough.

I often hear people complaining about their misery in the job search. But when I ask them how many applications have they sent this month, they tell me that just one…

Getting a job is game of numbers. You can hardly win if you do not try hard enough. More resumes sent lead to more interviews and more interviews lead to more job offers. It can’t be any otherwise. So if you sent only few resumes and did not make a single phone call to your potential employers, you can hardly expect getting any job… But if it is not your case and you try hard enough without success, please read further.


I never get a job

Never get a job? Identify the exact showstopper

So you try hard, react to decent number of job offers every week, but without getting a single really good job offer? First thing you should do is to identify the phase of the selection process, where you usually “fail”. That’s the showstopper.

For example if you are sending many resumes every week, but never get a respond, it means that you do not know how to write the appropriate email to the recruiter. (The email you attach your resume to.)

And, if you receive decent number of replies after sending your resume, but not a single respond is positive, do not hang your head… It means that you are good in your email communication, but have the problem with the “quality” of your resume. And that’s the reason why you never get a job.

If it is your case, check the following video about resume writing. It’s not any piece of miracle, but can help you in this case:


And in case that you successfully pass both these steps (you got many responds and some of them are positive), you should get some invitations to the job interview.

Congratulations! But if you can’t overpass this obstacle – the job interview and so never receive a job offer, than your problem is obvious: You do not know how to ace your job interview.

Check the following video. If you undertake the interview like this guy, there’s a lot to improve:


And in the case that everything seems so great until they call you, your problem will be the phone conversations with an employer.

To get a job is definitely not easy, I know it.  It is not easy to write a great resume, it is not easy to send an appropriate email to the company (the one that will be answered) and it is not easy to make a good impression on the phone. And definitely it is not easy at all to ace your job interview…


Look for qualified help

But once you identify where your problem is (that’s the most important thing), you can look for help. There are many professional resume writing services and several good interview coaches to teach you how to communicate appropriately with the company reps.


Looks easy, doesn't it?What more, there is a good free material written by recruiters out there (e.g. on, to help you to succeed in your job interview.

However there are also better unique paid resources of information, e.g. great digital recording “I will get a job“, or some good books, e.g. GM for Job Hunters 2.0 .

If you are serious about your career and job interview is your biggest obstacle, you should definitely have a look at these products.


The conclusion

If you are asking yourself: “Why do I never get a job?”, you should do the following:

1. Identify the phase of selection process where you struggle. (e.g. how to write a great resume)

2. Improve it (e.g. using professional resume writing services, or by learning how to do it by yourself)

3. Do it the right way and move to the next step


Once you master all the steps of selection process, it will be easy for you to get a job you want… We are recruiters so we know what we speak about.

Out of 100 applicants for any job, maximally 2 or 3 really excel in all the phases of selection process.  (Knowing how to write a great resume, how to sell yourself in the email or on the phone, knowing how to ace the first interview and the second one, and how to follow-up to be finally chosen).

So if you master them all, you’ll be practically one out of hundred. And that’s creating quite a good odds for you, what do you think?

Master the skills and once you’ll wake up at 10 am, instead of asking yourself “Why do I never get a job?” you will ask yourself: “Why do I have to be late for work, again? 🙂

Identify your lacks in selection process, get rid of them and be chosen. You definitely can do it. Do not hesitate to check our online interview coaching services. Maybe that’s what you need to to get the job of your dreams…


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