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Two people negotiated better slaary successfuly When you are up to signing a new job contract, your should always try to get as good salary as possible, in given circumstances. To negotiate about the offer is a normal process that happens in countless HR offices on a daily basis. You should not be afraid of doing it. Even if you negotiate only extra $100 per month, it will make $1,200 annually. That would be a nice boost for Christmas gifts, wouldn’t it?

Negotiating a good offer does not have to be tough. If you know some tricks and have your strategy prepared up front, it can be quite easy. We will present you such a strategy right now. You can use it in your job interview, or after that, to negotiate a better offer and payment conditions for yourself.

Strategy for negotiating the annual salary

Never negotiate the salary before the interview has finished.

Many job seekers do a big mistake. They start to negotiate before they are offered a job contract. It is not good. I know that interviewers may ask you about your salary expectations during the interview.

However, this is not the right time to negotiate anything. At this point, you should emphasize that salary is not the deciding factor for you. You can also say that if they decide to give you a chance, you will agree on a good salary for sure.

Anyway, once they tell you that you’ve been chosen for the job, your first thought should not be to discuss the salary. At this point, you should show the happiness for the positive decision and your enthusiasm to start doing the job.

Once it comes to formalities, such as signing the working contract, it is the right time to start negotiating a better offer for you. Sometimes the employer will give you a very good offer and sometimes you will need to make a counter offer. Employer has already taken the decision. He wants you to work in the company. Other candidates were probably already informed that they were not chosen for the job. So, now it is a perfect spot for you to discuss the salary.


Prepare support for your wishes

Once you have certain number in mind, you should have something to support it. For example, statistics about an average salary for that position (such stats can be found online easily), or copy of your last job contract to demonstrate the salary you earned there.

It is not enough to say that you want a better salary. And also, it will sound completely different in the ears of the boss if you formulate it in the correct way. You can use the following formulations as an inspiration:


I would really like to work for you on this position. But the salary offer is 20% lower, compared to my previous remuneration. It would be a step back to accept this offer. ..

I really appreciate your offer. However, I expected to earn more, according to the statistics of average earnings in the industry. Please have a look at the statistics I attached…


Big companies have big budgets. There is always a place for negotiating a better offer, trust me. You just need to know what is the right time for that and have a clear strategy and know the right tips for negotiation. We wish you good luck!.

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