What to expect in a nanny interview?

Success or failure in an interview for a position of nanny depends on two things only: whether you can convince the agency (parents/employer) that you have the right personality for the job, and whether you can accept the schedule and working hours.

Your patience, responsibility, and your attitude to children and to the job will be tested with the questions. Remember that your demeanor and your non-verbal communication is equally important as your answers to their questions. Let’s have a look at them now!


List of questions for nanny interviews

Question 1: What days and hours are you available?
Answer: Double-check the requirements from the job advertisement, and be sure to mention that you are available at all times and days they need a nanny. You can also stress that you are a student (if you are), or say anything else that will help them to understand your availability.

Question 2: What experience do you have with taking care of children.
Answer: Mention all relevant experience, even if it is just taking care of your younger sister. Speak with enthusiasm, and say that your former employer was satisfied with your job.

Question 3: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Answer: The nanny recruiter from an agency (or the mother of the child) wants to see whether you’d not do parties in their house, or leave the child alone. Say that you like to spend time in the park, or reading books, or playing with children. Try to avoid speaking about clubbing, going out, and similar things.

Question 4: What do you think a typical day with a 3 years old (5,7,10 years old child) looks like?
Answer: Focus mostly on the duties you should take care of, not on the secondary activities, such as watching telly with the child. Say that you imagine cooking for them, helping them with homework, playing with them, etc.

Question 5: Can you perform light house keeping/cooking?
Answer: You should be honest with your answer. If you believe that to do house keeping would interfere with your primary role as a nanny-to take care of the children, say that. And if you enjoy cooking, you can say that you’d love to cook….

It is not only about your answers to the questions

Your demeanor matters, your non-verbal communication counts. If you do not apply for a job with an agency, the people interviewing you won’t be professional recruiters. They won’t spend hours analyzing your interview answers, and they will not spot a lie.

For them, the most deciding factor will be your personality, the impression you make on them, and perhaps also how does the child feel around you…. Check the following articles to learn how to make a good impression on your interviewers:

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