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German campus of MicrosoftTo have a job at Microsoft is a dream of many. Bill Gates as a role model and the brain behind the success of Microsoft has developed a special set of Microsoft interview questions in the past. Since that moment it changed the way whole IT industry conducts job interviews. How symbolic, isn’t it?

To get a job in Microsoft, similarly to Google and other leading companies is not easy. Microsoft interview questions are not the kind of “what are your weaknesses” or “Tell me about yourself” questions. Bill was one of the first man who understood the difference between talking about knowing the job, and actually being able to deliver. Ridiculous that even today, as you can see in the list of top 10 interview questions, vast majority of companies use the traditional interview model.

Microsoft interview questions are in fact not questions. It goes about separate unique case studies, that are strongly related to the job you are applying for. You will be given a problem and you should react immediately. Goal is to present your solution to the problem, or even solve the problem directly on the computer.

Because of this, there is nothing like a list of common Microsoft interview questions. There are some case studies that are generally used in every interview (but the number they choose from is too huge to make any sense to prepare for it), but mostly the questions are pretty much job related.

Anyway, as a very proud company (for a reasons), Microsoft like to play with its own name and ideas while preparing list of Microsoft interview questions for particular interview. Questions like the following are not uncommon really:


Some of the Microsoft interview questions

  • How many Microsoft engineer does it take to screw ten light bulbs at the same time?
  • How would you design a campus for Microsoft in your city?
  • Microsoft Word 2015 has been just released as a new product. You are one of the internal beta testers. How would you proceed in your testing?
  • If you shall design a new logo for Microsoft, how would such a logo look like and why. What software from Microsoft will you use while designing this logo?

To conclude it, there is really no magic when speaking about Microsoft interview questions. You can not blame recruiters at Microsoft, believe me. Either you posses the rare combination of high emotional and classical intelligence coupled with real knowledge of your IT area and ability to deliver… or you won’t get a job at Microsoft.

It makes no sense to believe myths about Microsoft interview questions. Focus on your own skills and knowledge, and try to apply for the job at Microsoft. If you are ready for it, they will choose you. If you are not, there are countless other companies with not so sophisticated selection processes where you can easily succeed.

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