Medical assistant interview questions

Numerous clinics and private hospitals on both sides of the Atlantic ocean benefit from the work of medical assistants. The career offers a unique combination of clinical and administrative duties, and there’s no wonder it has become popular in the recent years.

To get this job in an interview, you will have to deal with some behavioral and some technical (job-specific) questions. The list below should help you to prepare for your interview.


Typical questions they will ask you

  • Why do you want to become a medical assistant? (Focus on your desire to help the people, and on relevant skills and abilities that make from you a good candidate for this job.)
  • What do you consider the main duty of a medical assistant? (To help the other staff members to perform their job on the highest level, helping with administrative and clinical tasks.)
  • Have you thought about getting a certification? (if you do not already have one) (Say that you will get one as soon as you can afford it, or give a clear reason why you can not afford it at the moment.)

  • Why are you applying for a job at our clinic? (Focus on positive experience with their services, a recommendation you got from someone else, their good reputation, good location of the place, etc.)
  • How would you deal with an angry patient? (You can say that you would listen to them carefully, try to use the experience from the past, consult your colleagues, or do anything else to help the patient calm down. You can also say that you know it can happen, and that angry customers won’t affect you negatively in your job.)
  • What do you see yourself in five years from now? (Say that you will be happy having the same job, working as a medical assistant at their clinic. Try to connect your future with their place. Alternatively you can speak about personal goals, such as starting a family.)
  • Describe a time when you felt pressure in your job.


Ensure you will get a job

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