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medical assistant in jobMedical assistant is often the most important person in the hospital. It is he who helps all the other staff to carry out the daily job. Without good medical assistants performing administrative and clinical tasks, it will be not possible to run any hospital. Medical assistant interview questions are in some way similar to nursing interview questions, but just in some way. Taking into consideration the different duties and responsibilities, you will find some variations and you need to prepare differently. After all, this is an administrative position, not a healthcare one!

To help you to prepare for the interview, we put together a list of some common questions that are used in the US. It can help you in your practice prior to the interview.

Note: If after reading the following paragraphs this list of questions is not sufficient for you, we highly recommend you to check medical assistant interview questions website, where you can find more questions with good answers, as well as some specialized interview preparation materials.


Typical medical assistant interview questions

  • Why have you chosen the career of medical assistant? (focus on the wish to help other people get healthy as your primary intention)
  • What do you think is the main duty of a good medical assistant? (to ensure that all the other medical staff can perform the job on the highest level possible is a good answer)
  • Have you thought about obtaining a certification as a medical assistant? (maybe you know it, maybe not, there is a possibility to obtain certification as a medical assistant. If you do not have it at the moment, you should for sure consider getting it and present this opinion in the interview)
  • What character abilities should a good medical assistant have? (ability to listen, attention to details, good communication skills and others will present a good answer to such medical assistant interview questions)
  • Why are you applying for a job in our hospital? (to mention a good reputation, or a good personal experience as a patient of the hospital will make the interviewers happy for sure)
  • How would you deal with angry (very sad, aggressive) patient? (In every interview, medical assistant interview questions related to various problems with patients will occur. As a good medical assistant you should always try to understand the problem of the patient firstly. Listen to him carefully, find out why he is anxious, angry, sad, etc. and then try to solve this problem. This is the way of handling patients you should present in the interview).
  • What are your goals in five years horizon? (There is nothing bad on wanting to make a career in medical industry. If you prefer to become a nurse later, you can calmly mention it. Just do not speak about a career in totally different profession, finance for example. This will not make a good impression really.)
  • Have you ever worked with X-Ray, gave injections, etc.? (In the US, medical assistant is responsible for many things. Answering such experience related medical assistant interview questions, you should simply stay honest. Do not be afraid, all the medical assistants receive a good training prior to starting their job…)

So do you feel now more ready to flourish in the interview? We hope you do. But in case you feel like spending little more time with the preparation, have you can spend some more time on this website, or visit the source we specified at the start of the article. We wish you all the best in the interviews!

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