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Manual testing is a process when an employee – manual tester, pretends to be and user of certain software and test it for defects. To get this job for people with attention to detail and analytical thinking, you will have to not only answer common manual testing interview questions with ease, but also present the right set of skills for the job.

Doesn’t matter if you agree or not, manual testing is a key part of software engineering process, to ensure the correct behavior of software after the release.

Companies can not offer to hire anyone for this position, the price would be too high if they made a mistake. That’s why they use various manual testing interview questions and case studies to determine who is fitting the role the best way. We composed such a list for you, so you can practice:


Manual testing interview questions

  • From your point of view, what character abilities should have an ideal manual tester?
  • Name four stages of manual testing and describe each of them briefly.
  • What was the most complicated manual testing project you have ever handled and how did you proceed?
  • How will you know there is no need to manual testing anymore?


  • Imagine you are given a beta release of MS Word 2007. Your task is to manually test it. Describe how would you proceed and how much time it will take you?
  • What should you do once you find a defect in application that you are testing?
  • Give ten testing scenarios for integration testing on new Yahoo mail client.
  • Do you think that final customer should take part in user acceptance testing? If yes, why?
  • Can you explain what is V&V Model?
  • Can you define Test case preparation guide-lines?

Those were some of the commonly used manual testing interview questions. Anyway, to get this job is not only about what your answer to the questions will be, but also the way you approach them.


Try to take your time, think analytically about the manual testing interview questions and pay attention to details. Doing so, you will make the recruiters feel positive about your personal predispositions for a job. And in that moment you are a big winner…

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