Leadership interview questions

Leadership. An ability to lead the others, the company you work for, or perhaps just your own life? Do you have the skills within you? And do you know how to demonstrate your leadership in a job interview?

We will have a look at some questions that we use in the interviews to understand the level of your leadership. Let’s start!


Question 1. How do you motivate your subordinates?

Good leader can motivate their co-workers and subordinates.
Say them that you try to help the other workers to understand the relation of their personal goals and the goals of the company. Say that you like to go by an example. You can also talk about team building and other activities that strengthen the team spirit on the workplace, and make it easier for you to lead the people.

Question 2. What characterize a great leader, from your point of view?

Try to name some of your own abilities that characterize a great leader. And if you do not feel like a great leader right now, you can still try to convince us about your leadership in an interview. To good abilities belong:

  • ability to inspire the others and motivate them
  • Ability to develop strengths of other people, and ability to help them improve on their weaknesses
  • Ability to unite people and build a team that follows a mutual goal.
  • Ability to see the broader picture and think few steps ahead
  • ….


Question 3. What do you consider the most difficult decision a manager (CTO, leader, etc) has to make in their job?

Leaders have to make decisions, and you will sometimes have to make a hard one. Dismissing someone you like–perhaps a colleague that is also a friend, in one of such decisions.
In your answer you should describe some difficult decisions (ideally decisions you already made in the past) and ensure the interviewing panel that you would not allow your emotions to control your decisions in work.


More questions and answers

Leadership is a broad topic, and you will find a lot of good literature, courses, and seminars that will help you to become a better leader (one can be born a leader, but once can also learn how to lead people and businesses effectively).

To prepare for your interview (you probably do not have much time right now to improve your leadership, since it can not be done in one hour, or in one day), you should check LeadershipInterviewQuestions.com – the website that specializes only in leadership interviews. You will find there good answers to many interview questions.