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Leadership is one of then key abilities of any good manager and above. On the other hand, it is extremely hard to locate a natural leader nowadays. Not more than one out of thousand randomly chosen applicants posses the abilities of natural leader inside of him.

Interviewers are aware of the above mentioned facts and that is why you can expect several interview questions examining your leadership during your managerial job interview.


Become a leader if you want to succeed in the interview

However, to have any chance to answer these leadership interview questions the way that the recruiter will be satisfied with your answers, you should be either a natural, or a taught leader. There are various quality leadership trainings and courses all over the country. Just make a little research and you should find one suiting your needs and current level of leadership.

But now, here is the short list of some tough and relatively common questions used to assess your leadership skills in an interview. We also attach good answers. Hopefully it will helps you to get a job you want to have.


Man believes he is ready for leadership interview questionsQuestion 1. How do you motivate your sub ordinates?

This is a classical one of leadership interview questions. Every good leader should be able to motivate his co-workers and sub ordinates, shouldn’t he?
To say that you always attempt to work with these people until they understand the connection of their own goals and the goals of the company might be one of good answers. Also to say that you lead by an example might not be bad. However, there are many good answers possible here, and you should choose the one that reflects the reality.


Question 2. Could you name three characteristics of a perfect leader?

The tricky thing most recruiters here know about is that people usually name their own abilities in an interview, when given a question like this one. Well, it’s a subconscious process and if you do not have a very high level of mind control during an interview, you will do the same.
Anyway, good abilities to mention here (and recruiters will expect it to be also your own abilities) are:

  • An ability to inspire people
  • An ability to develop strengths of other people and help them to get rid of their weaknesses
  • An ability to unite people and help to create good relations between them, so they can work together on a common goal.
  • Ability to see the broader picture and think few steps ahead


Question 3. What do you find are the most difficult decisions you have to make?

Leaders have to take decisions. If not them, than who would take it? Being a leader, time to time you will have to take a hard decision – for example, about dismissing someone you like. However, if it is beneficial for the company, you should be able to take the decision and act according to it.
And this is exactly, what your answer to leadership interview questions should be about. You should describe sorts of hard to do decisions for you, but ensure the interviewer that you always have the future of the company on the first place, and never let the emotions to take control of your decisions.



So that’s it. These are probably the most tough and most common leadership interview questions and answers. It is good technique to prepare for them prior to the job interview, but please do not forget – leadership is not something you can pretend in the interview. Either you have it, or not. If you feel like there is a room for improvement, think about the leadership trainings and seminars. Absolving such a training can change your life…


Want more? Check for a detailed list of interview questions and answers for leaders. Or, have a look at some good interview techniques or some managerial interview questions that can also be part of your interview.

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