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Have you ever heard that an average American citizen is called in front of the court four times in life? Quite a lot of work for law firms, isn’t it? To be able to take part in this business, you will have to address all the law firm interview questions and find the correct answers to these.

You are probably aware of the fact that the demand is huge for these positions. There are way too many law graduates every year, and the labor market is simply not able to absorb it. The demand of the labor exceeds the supply. In this situation all you can do is to answer all the law firm interview questions as good as you only can, and present yourself as a perfect fit for the position.

Keep in mind, that when it comes to education and experience, most of the applicants you compete with will be at the same level as you will. Really, do not think that they are going to choose you for the job just because of your education. You need to impress them with something special, you need to ace the interview. Well, how it is possible? Before you present you with a list of common law firm interview questions, check out some of the following tips:


Tips how to succeed in the law firm interview

  • Show loyalty. If a law firm is going to make a hire, they are looking for someone who will stay with them and represent them for a long time. They do not want to train someone, give him a priceless know how and then this person starts his own practice or open his own company. When applying for a job, always mention that you are looking for a role in a company where you can grow and where you can stay for a longer time.
  • Try to make the employer to feel good with you. Do not wait to spend an honest compliment if you like something about the offices of the company or their achievement. Do not forget your smile at home. Be nice, relaxed. If they fell good with you while giving you law firm interview questions, they may feel good also working with you, and will hire you for this reason.


  • Speak to the point and do not pretend to know everything. Come on, law firms do not look for people who think they are more clever as they really are. Just show them that you are bright, know where to look for information, willing to learn and eager to work. This is the mentality law firms are looking for.

Do not forget, the impression you make is much more important than your answers to interview questions. But anyway, here is a short list of commonly used questions in law firms.


Several commonly used law firm interview questions

  1. What law do you want to specialize on in the future?
  2. What was the topic of your diploma thesis?
  3. Why are you interested to work exactly in our law firm?
  4. What cases are you interested in?
  5. What legal case from the recent past was the most interesting for you and why?
  6. What characterize an ideal lawyer nowadays from your point of view?
  7. Have you ever met with corruption before?
  8. Do you have any idol when it comes to lawyers?

We hope that the law firm interview questions and tips presented in this article helped you. To improve your interview preparation even more, you can have a look at some general job interview tips, or spend some time reading other useful articles on All the best in your interview!

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