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junit logoJUnit, being a unit testing framework for Java programming language, became quite popular among individuals and corporations involved in software testing. Because of it, one can get several JUnit interview questions in the course of software testing interview. It’s nothing surprising and really nothing you should be afraid of. However, in order to improve your chances of getting a job, it is better to think about the questions before your interview.

We decided to put together a list of 15 most common interview questions for Junit. It’s up to you to find the answers and mock it before an interview. Also, you should keep in mind some good interview tips, such as showing loyalty to the employer as well as interest for his company. Especially for software testing interview, it is recommended to bring with you some samples of your work, or even prepare a PowerPoint presentation to show the employer what you have done in the area of software testing… But let’s have a look at those questions right now.

  • What is JUnit?
  • When did you work with it for the first time?
  • What is the reason why our company should use JUnit?
  • What is a role of JUnit in software testing from a point of view of a final user?
  • Where can one download it?
  • Why do you want to work in our company?
  • What fascinates you on software testing?
  • How to wirte a simple JUnit Test Class? Can you write one right now?
  • What happens if a JUnit test method is declared as private?
  • How to group multiple test classes into a suite?
  • How does a protected test method differs from a private one?
  • Write right now a simple JUnit test case class.
  • Where should you place test classes?
  • Please, look at this test case class. Can you describe it?
  • What is a JUnit test fixture?
  • Is it possible to test unexpected exception with it? If it is possible, how would you do that? If it is not possible, what other solutions will you use to test it?
  • It is possible to test a method which should bot return anything? Please, describe how would you test it with JUnit or other software testing framework.
  • What does eclipse mean in the area of software testing?
  • How to create test class in eclipse?
  • How to create a test suite using JUnit in eclipse?


These were some commonly used software testing interview questions. As you can see, recruiters prefer to test both your theoretic and practical skills with JUnit. Therefor, it is nearly impossible to get this job if you do not have a knowledge of it.

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