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Logo of JSPBack in 90ties, Java programming environment was strongly criticized to not provide the developers enough support for dynamic web pages. As a respond to this demand, JSP (JavaServer Pages) was developed. It changes the times forever, and now more and more companies used this technology from Java for commercial reasons.

As a direct consequence, employers started to look for developers who can handle this technology for them. At the beginning it was quite difficult, as vast majority of people used PHP and ASP and there were not many people to handle JSP effectively and easily. However, times have changed a lot and now many people compete to answer all the JSP interview questions as good as possible and be chosen for a job.

To help you be the best one and beat the strong field of competitors, we contacted some senior developers and proudly present you the following list of JSP interview questions. Use it for any purpose you want.


List of some JSP interview questions

    • Define JSP and at least three reasons why companies should use it as an alternative to competitive environments.
    • Why do you think you have the right character and skills for a job of JSP developer?
    • What is the simplest thing, and the most complicated one you can imagine JSP can be used for?
    • What is the current version of JSP and what are the newest tweaks to it compared to the older versions?
    • Can you write a simple code input for JSP and define why it is used for?
    • Define the implicit objects.
    • If you should pick two biggest weaknesses of JSP, what would it be?


    • Is there any way to prevent the output of my JSP pages from being cached by the web browser?
    • It is possible to use HTML within code of JSP pages? If yes, give an example of this.
    • Is there any way to track JSP pages in case that the final user has cookies disabled on his side?
    • Can you define a way the servlet communicate with a JSP page?
    • If you should characterize certain areas where JSP is suitable to use in commercial sector, what areas would it be?
    • How can you send the hash table from one JSP file to another JSP file using a simple command?
    • Can you explain life-cycle methods in JSP?


      Please, once you will be invited for an interview, do not focus purely on your practical knowledge in JSP and on these and other JSP interview questions. JSP is a very complex field, and often the person interviewing you will have less knowledge than you about it! That’s why it is crucial to keep your answers simple to understand.

      Well, usually one expert for JSP is enough in the company, that’s the reason why the recruiter may not be professional in this area. So keep it simple and try to create a good impression and relationship with the person interviewing you. In these sort of interviews, often not the top notch professional who answers all the JSP interview questions is chosen. Companies prefer loyal starters who understand how the JSP can be used effectively, are willing to learn and most importantly fin in the company culture. So, can it be you?

      You can find useful also article about Java interview questions or Perl interview questions. Enjoy browsing the web.

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