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People who take their job search really seriously know, that the work is not over once they leave the interview room. Job interview follow up is an important part, that will easily differentiate you from the crowd and make the employer to remember exactly on you.

In this post, we will try to help you to understand how to conduct job interview follow up the right way in order to improve your chances of getting a job at the end.

Good thing to know is that just one of every ten job applicants follows up his job interview with an email or letter or any other form of follow up. That is the reason why it will give you such an advantage compared to other candidates. Job interview follow up is simply something that will take you just few minutes of time, but can make huge difference at the end. So how to handle it?


Job interview follow up do and don’t.

You should always follow up your job interview in order to close the deal.
I hope it is not a secret for you anymore, that job interview is a sales talk. You are trying to sell your abilities and skills to the employer. Every good salesman knows that to close the deal, he should follow up his face to face meeting with a phone call or an email. And the same principle applies to job interview. Even a wrong follow up is better than none, remember that.

Do not be to aggressive in a follow up.
Of course if you follow up on the phone, there is better chance for interaction and communication when compared to the email. But usually employers do not like this way of job interview follow up and consider it too aggressive. That is why interview follow up email or letter is a preferred method.

Always keep in mind the primary intention of your follow up.
You are sending a follow up to achieve two things:

  • 1. To remember yourself to the recruiter
  • 2. To get a decision from him.

To send just a very short thank you note, without anything else, you will fulfill just the first purpose of your job interview follow up. That is the reason why you should always finish your follow up kindly asking the interviewer for decision. For example, the following formulations can be used:

I am looking forward to hearing from you once you take the final decision, doesn’t matter what the decision will be.

I hope you will take a right decision and let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your time and consideration of my application. I hope you can give me a decision until the end of the week.

Try to be original
Your thank you note should not sound like a general thank you note you sent to hundreds of employers before. It should sound honestly.

How to achieve this? It is simple. Always include the name of the interviewer and the name of the position you were interviewed for in your job interview follow up email. Plus, you can summarize the interview, pinpoint what you liked about it (or ideally what you liked about the interviewer).

Job interview follow up is the last step you need to take in order to sign the coveted job contract. Do it in a right way and be chosen. Good luck!

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