How to close an interview in style

Interview is often a tight affair. Job candidates compete with each other, and every little detail can make a difference at the end of the interview process.

You should already know that your success story starts when you take a pen to your hand to craft your first job application, and ends no earlier than when you sign a new job contract.

Closing an interview–that means, a moment when they have already asked you everything they wanted, and it is time to say something–perhaps goodbye, perhaps something more, is one of the many moments between the start, and the end, of your journey towards a coveted job contract.

Let me show you a few things you can do to get the best out of this moment.


Ask some questions before you leave the room

If they do not directly ask you to give them some questions, you should take the initiative at the end of the interview.

You can inquire about the next steps of the recruitment process (if there will be another interview), about the working environment in their company, about their newest products or goals, etc.

Every good question you ask them shows your motivation and interest for their company. You can learn more about good and bad questions for the employers in this article.


Do not ask them for a business card – give them your own card

Job interview is not a business meeting. It is simply an interview. Asking an interviewer for their business card is appropriate only in top management and consulting interviews.

However, to give them your own business card (if you have one), is a good strategy to actually get their card. Many people will hand you their card as soon as they got yours…

And even if they do not follow this standard business ethics, at least they have your business card, a little reminder of your skills and of everything that happened in an interview with you. 


Do not talk about the money

Some job seekers will talk about money at the end of the interview. I would not suggest this strategy. If the employer wants to hire you, they will talk about your salary–sooner, or later.

Once you start talking about money, however (or close your interview with salary negotiation), it is a clear sign for the interviewers that salary is a deciding factor for you. Needless to say, you do not want to leave such an impression in an interview with them….


Show positive emotions

Doesn’t matter how well (or terribly) your interview went, you should stay positive at the end. Firm handshake and smile on your face symbolizes the right emotions, the right attitude. Corporations are full of negative people, and they are tired of hiring more of them.

Show positive emotions, smile, show some confidence, leave a good atmosphere in the room. That’s a perfect closing for your interview.


Do not forget to say thank you

Very few job applicants thank the interviewers for their time. You should not do the same mistake… It is not easy to lead interviews, and you should appreciate their work (even if the interview with them wasn’t really the best interview of your life).

Thank them for their time, and spare a little compliment at the end of the interview (small honest compliment will always help your chances to sign a job contract with them).



Once you close the door behind you, your work is not done yet. You should send them a short follow up letter, or make a follow up call.

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