closing the door on the interview roomApplicants are often well prepared for all the interview questions. But what should you say at the end of the interview?

In fact, the last impression is equally important like the first one. It can either boost your chances of getting a job or let the interviewer guessing about your suitability for the position. Several good tips how to close the interview should help you avoid mistakes and oppositely, impress the interviewer.


Ask some questions at the end of the session

If the interviewer does not ask you to ask questions, you should take this initiative on your own. It is good to simply say “Can I ask you few questions?” and to start to ask your prepared questions. You can for example ask about the further recruitment procedure, about the working environment in the company or about other things. Anyway, good question presents your motivation for the job and interest for the company. That’s why it is important to ask something. You can learn more about good and bad questions to ask an employer in this article.


Don’t ask the interviewer for a business card – rather give him your own card

Job interview is not a business meeting. It is simply a job interview. To ask an interviewer for a business card is not appropriate (this does not apply to top management and consulting positions). However, you can still give the interviewer your own business card (if you have one) and while doing so indirectly ask him for his own card. At the same time, it’s good if he has your card. He can remind on you in the future and, for example, offer you another position if you don’t get this one.


Do not speak about the money

Some job seekers have a tendency to close the interview with a question about offered salary. This is not good, believe me. It can only lead you to troubles. On the top of that, best candidates never speak about salary... If the company decides to offer you a job, there will be plenty of room for salary negotiation.


Be positive

Doesn’t matter how well or bad your interview goes, you should stay positive. Firm handshake and smile on your phase symbolizes the right emotions. You do not want the recruiter to remember you like a sad or angry candidate, do you? You should rather look like a confident person who is happy to be interviewed for the job. That should be your goal.


Do not forget to thank the interviewer

You will wonder, but just very few applicants thank for the interview at the end of the interview… You know, it’s not a job interview etiquette or something like that. But still, it is a nice form of appreciation to thank the interviewer for his time and for giving you a chance in an interview.


Following up

Once you close the door behind you, the interview process is not finished yet. Well, at least it should not be. We suggest you to send a short follow up letter or to make a quick follow up call. You can learn more about these interview follow up techniques in respective articles. Good luck in your interview!