IT is one of the most lucrative field of employment. However, to eat your fraction of this juicy pie, you firstly have to answer both behavioral and technical questions in your interview.

Hundreds of new job opening in IT pop up on the job boards daily, and specialization is the keyword for 21st century. The interview questions will differ from job to job, but they will also depend on the people who interview you–whether they are recruiting consultants from an agency, HR generalists from the company, or real IT specialists, who have an actual knowledge of the job and the terminology.

While we at do not consider ourselves experts in IT recruitment (we have some experience in the field, but we are not programmers), we tried to put together at least some articles, for certain programming languages and job titles in IT. You will find the selection below, and we hope it will help you to prepare for your interview.

  • Agile methodology interview questions – Few software testing and project management methodologies enjoy such a popularity like agile has been enjoying in the recent years. Learn how to convince the recruiters that it belongs to your arsenal of technical knowledge.
  • C interview questions – C is a general benchmark for programmers. See ten common technical questions and answers for the language.
  • Help desk interview – Half technical, and half customer service position, your ability to handle both aspect of the job will be tested in an interview.
  • Cognos interview questions – Both theoretical and practical questions to check your readiness to work with one of the best business intelligence software solutions.
  • Data structure interview
  • HP Quality Center interview questions – This web-based test management software from HP is popular, and the number of job opening sin the field is growing. Can you get this job?
  • Java interview questions – 15 technical questions and answers for Java developers. It is time to ace your interview!
  • Process engineer interview questions – One of the most interesting job in the field of technology and engineering. You can expect a practical interview, and a combination of behavioral and technical questions.
  • Mechanical Engineering – What is an advantage of hydraulic brake when compared to mechanical break and electric brake? Are you able to the advantages of projectile motion, when compared to rocket motion? These a re just two from many technical interview questions for this position. You will find the list in the article.
  • Performance testing interview question
  • PHP interview questions – Every decent coder knows PHP. Companies often hire third party IT recruitment agencies, to help them with testing the practical skills of job applicants. Learn what questions you can expect, and how to make a good impression in this interview.
  • SEO interview questions – SEO has taken the internet marketing game by a storm, and though it is getting tougher with each passing year, many SEO agencies still operate in the business. Learn what questions they will ask you in your interview.
  • Software engineer – Engineering new software is fun. But it is also a great responsibility, and one needs a variety of skills, and the tight attitude, to do this job well. Prepare for the tough interview questions and case studies.
  • Software testing – Test, test, test, but what will they test in an interview with you? Check the twenty three common interview questions for software testing job applicants.
  • SQL Server interview questions.
  • System Analyst interview questions – Can you convince the interviewers of having a rare combination of communication, IT, and process management skills? Unless you can, someone else will get the job.
  • Web Developer interview – Every fifteen years old kid in the US or in India can develop websites. But just very few people can develop websites that actually sell and make profit for their clients. And that is exactly what you should try to show in your job interview.
  • Web services interview questions – Beside targeted REST interview questions, you will be confronted with other questions and tests. Interviewers try to learn something about your personality, soft skills and working habits. At the end of the day, the person with a best combination of skills will get the job.
  • Maintenance Technician interview – Only as few people apply for each job opening of maintenance technician. If you learn the basic interviewing skills, and can demonstrate your readiness to repair things in the building, you will get the job.
  • Desktop support interview questions – Test yourself with 13 technical questions for desktop support job applicants.

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The Team at wishes you good luck in your interview!