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IT is one of the most lucrative field when we speak about employment. However, to eat your fraction of juicy pie, you firstly have to answer all the targeted questions in IT interview, impress the interviewers and get the job.

IT is not only a lucrative field, but also very broad and specific one. It doesn’t matter if there is a bubble awaiting  in technology or not, there will still be millions of various IT related job opportunities.

For this reason, we provided for you various articles to the topic of different IT interview questions, depending on the programming language you use or concrete IT job you are just applying for. Hopefully you will find there what you need and if not – new articles are being added on a weekly basis. So, here is the list:


Interview questions for specific programming languages and jobs

  • C interview questions – C is one of the most popular programming languages. Check the questions you can expect in c interview. detailed answers to most common questions are attached.
  • Java interview questions – Java has some advantages over all other languages. However, if you want to work with it as an employee, you should rather prepare for an interview. Feel free to add your own questions to the list.
  • Web services interview questions – Specific job deserves specific set of questions. We tried to come up with a good, but not too overwhelming collection.
  • Software testing interview questions – There is nothing so exciting like testing a new software, is it? And are you able to demonstrate this approach in an interview also?
  • Data modeling interview questions – Job for people with real attention to detail. Could it be you?
  • Desktop support interview questions – Job as a desktop support assistant is a special type of IT job, as you deal with both computers and people at the same time. It’s one of the most popular jobs in 21st century.
  • SEO Interview Questions – SEO is one of the most rising field. every business needs a quality presence on the internet, while the competition is getting tougher every day. If you want to get involved in this industry, you need not only to study a lot, but also to know what to expect in an interview.
  • Software engineer interview questions – Creative people who like to receive five figures monthly salaries might choose the career of software engineer. But to get this sort of job, you have to answer all the questions without any hesitation. Are you ready to do so?
  • Data warehouse interview questions – Learn how to get a job in a data warehouse.
  • OBIEE interview questions – Oracle business intelligence enterprise edition is commonly used by well known corporations all around the world. Learn what questions you can get being interviewed for the position of its administrator.
  • Struts interview questions and answers – Longer list of interview questions for struts, coupled with answers.
  • Manual testing interview questions – Manual testing of software is one of the most fascinating IT jobs.  Learn what interview questions you need to answer with ease to have a chance to get this job.
  • PL/SQL interview questions – Most common practical and theoretic questions that will put your practical knowledge of PL/SQL under real test.
  • PHP interview questions – Practice before your job interview with practical PHP interview questions.
  • HP Quality Center interview questions – Another great testing tool from HP. Do you know to work with it?
  • JUint interview questions–  Another popular software testing environment. Will you be hardly tested in an interview, or do you have any idea how to impress your interviewer with a perfect knowledge from the field?
  • LoadRunner interview questions and answers – Learn how to handle the tough LoadRunner questions with ease.
  • Perl Interview Questions – Typical Perl interview questions and case studies used in an interview. Motivate yourself, solve the case studies and gain new level of confidence prior to your job interview.
  • JSP interview questions – 15 most commonly used theoretic and practical interview questions from this specific IT field.
  • SSIS interview questions – Can you define an Error-Tolerant Index or What is DTUTIL and DTEXEC used for are just some of the typical SSIS questions. Check out the complete list to be prepared for your IT interview.


Did you say that you have not found the article you have been looking for in this  section? Please, have a look at Second Part of IT interview Questions. You should find your field there. But if not, if it is still not included, feel free to Contact us and one of our guest IT recruiters will write something to the topic you want to know more about. Do not forget to read also couple of generally oriented articles, as the job interview is not only about your experience and topic knowledge, but also about the impression you leave in the room.

We wish you all the best in your IT interviews!

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