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Interviewee should not only answer, but also ask questions during the interview. Right interviewee questions can demonstrate his high level of interest and enthusiasm. Let’s have a look at such interviewee questions.

  • Can you tell me something more about history of your company?

Employers, and especially managers, like to talk about history of their companies. What more, they feel good while speaking about it. You want them to feel good, don’t you?

  • What are the goals of your company?
  • What is the vision of your company?

Interviewee questions about company goals, vision, philosophy and things like that demonstrate your interest for the company and willingness to work there. Do not hesitate to ask the managers about the goals and vision of their company.

  • Is this a new job opening or will I be replacing someone who left or retired?
  • What is the main goal of employee on the position you are just interviewing me for?
  • How does a typical day in office look like?

Sometimes all the above mentioned questions are answered directly in the job description. If it is a case, giving it is not the best idea, as it will indicate that you have not read the job description carefully. On the other hand, many job descriptions are unclear and full of mystery. If it is a case, interviewee questions about job opening, why the positions is open and what you will do there are in place.

  • Is there any possibility to career growth in your company?
  • Let’s say I am chosen for this position and my results are great. Is there any potential to growth my career let’s say in three years time?

Giving the employers these sort of interviewee questions, you present your intentions to stay with a company for a long time. And that is exactly what employers are looking for! Presenting the loyalty and thinking about you and the company hand in hand also in a future can definitely help you in the interviews.


There are but also some interviewee questions we do not recommend. Concretely these questions:

  • What will be the salary for chosen applicant?
  • What are other benefits?
  • Is company car provided?

Good applicants never ask about salaries, cars, mobile phones and other fringe and perk benefits. Once the employer starts to consider employing you, he will start the topic by himself. You should not start to ask interviewee questions about these things by yourself, really.

  • How is you family, kid?
  • Have you been on holiday this summer?
  • What is your University degree?

Some over-friendly applicants like to ask these sort of personal interviewee questions. However, it is strongly inappropriate. Although some of the interviewers might like to speak about their holidays and kids, you are very likely not the person they want to speak about it to. So rather avoid it.

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