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If you are a teenager, it is not easy at all to succeed in the job interview. To compete with all the adult guys, that are older, more educated and more experienced is a difficult task. So, what should teenagers do so they can succeed and nail an interview?

On most of the websites, the “gurus” advise you to act as an adult. To act professionally, dress appropriately, answer to questions with enthusiasm  , be on time and so on.

But honestly… all the other candidates will do exactly the same. If the job interview isn’t in Cambodia or you are not applying for a job that no one else wants to do, you can’t expect the other candidates to come late, be badly dressed and not listen to the interviewers.


You need to do something special

Girl is not sure what to do in her job interviewInterview tips for teenagers such as coming on time, speaking with enthusiasm and answering to questions are not tips for teenagers. It goes pretty much about general job interview tips for everyone.

Older candidates will do the same. And they will get a job, because they are older and more experienced at the same time, aren’t they?

Or, are there any real things teenagers can do, that can make a positive difference for you at the end? Well, definitely there are such tips!


Make from your age an advantage, not a disadvantage.

If they invited you for the interview, it means that they are willing to employ someone in your age. But you will have to prove as a best candidate of course. As the teenager you can hardly compete with the other candidates in the areas of working experiences and education.

But, there are definitely areas where you can easily beat them all! Young people are in general smarter (IQ decreases with age), more creative and often bring new ideas. “Fresh blood among the old guns” is also often welcomed in the companies, as it makes the environment more balanced and challenging for the future.

And as a teenager, you definitely won’t be leaving for maternity leave after few months, will you? What more, you do not have your head full of things like mortgage, debts, children etc., so you can better concentrate on your daily job.

And, let’s face it, as a teenager you are also a cheaper workforce for the employers. What more, you are not used to work under certain working regime, so you are able to adapt to new working environment easily…

And we old have to accept also the fact that young people are quick learners compared to the old one… It will be just a waste of time to argue about that. Well, nothing we can do with it, you’re teenagers are simply great in many things.

So, you see… You have many advantages as a teenager for any employer. Speak about the advantages and present them to the employer or recruiter in the job interview. If you show them the advantages, they will see the advantages. But if you do not show them, they will see just an inexperienced teenager. Use the presented tips, present yourself not as an adult, but as a teenager with all the advantages you have as a teenager! It makes no sense to try to fool anyone including yourself…


Show the high level of motivation.

You are the teenager. For sure you will not get a great job offer every week. Also you will not have a chance to be in a job interview in a good company every day, will you? You have your chance now. Show high level of motivation and enthusiasm for work (that’s something people who work for 20 years often can not show anymore) and stress several times that you are willing to learn.

Doing the above mentioned, many recruiters will love you in the job interview. You will gain a competitive edge, because not many older candidates can compete with you in the terms of motivation.
Young girl desperately needs some interview tips for teenagers.

Interview tips for teenagers 3.: Believe into yourself.

The biggest lack I see teenagers have in their job interviews is the lack of self confidence.

You have so much to offer, so why you do not believe into yourself? We can discuss this for ages, but there is just one way to help you. Realize what value you can bring to the company as a teenager (we wrote about it in this article already), and start believing into yourself.

In case that you do not believe you could be the perfect person for this job, how could we employers believe that? Think about it for a while…


Present your advantages, show the highest level of motivation and believe into yourself. Do not try to pretend that you are who you aren’t. You are a teenager and you have a lot to offer to employers. So go there and present yourself in the right way.


You will not be the first teenager working on a good position and you will not be the last one. Utilize the interview tips for teenagers you just got, impress the recruiters and get a job. Good luck to you!

Do not forget to have a look also at the answers to tough interview questions – you will get them, doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or not. Also it’s good to know what interview questions to ask an employer Luck favors the prepared, do not forget on that…

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