A job candidate made his interviewers to laugh. Illustration of some unorthodox ways of interviewing for the job. We can see three interviewers on the picture, two women and one man, all of them are laughing.

In this post I will try to describe two extreme and unorthodox interview strategies. It is up to you to decide which one suits your situation better, if any.

However, always remember that you should try to stay honest with the interviewers, regardless of your interview technique.


Nr1. I’m interested only in this job!

With this interview strategy, you try to convince the interviewers that you care only for their job offer. It is all about recognizing their values and strengths, complimenting them for their work, and presenting yourself as someone who “was born to work for them“.

In 21st century, when most people send dozens of job applications each week, this interview technique can be very powerful–as long as you manage to convince them that you really do not consider any other job offer. Few key points to remember with this one:

A confident looking job applicant is smiling. We can see his face, a red tie and a white shirt.

  • Ask them a lot of questions, about your working duties, company culture, your future colleagues, the goals of the company, their vision etc. Listen carefully to their answers and emphasize how exciting it all sounds to you.
  • Do not speak about salary, do not start the negotiations. You want to invoke the feelings that you were born to work for them. Wait for them to start talking about the money. They will do so, as soon as they seriously consider hiring you.
  • Anytime they ask you a question about your goals and plans for the future, connect your plans with their company, saying, for example, that in ten years from now you hope to still work for them. 
  • Be positive and enthusiastic. This is the big day. You are sitting in a chair in a company you always dreamed of. That’s the feeling the interviewers should get while talking to you.


Nr2. I am the important one!

In some cases, especially when we speak about people with vast experience, people who apply for senior management and executive positions (or for highly technical jobs), playing the important guy can be a good interview strategy.

With this technique, you try to make the interviewers believe that you are the perfect guy for the position, but have plenty of other offers on your table. They rather get you on board quickly, unless they want to see you deliver an exceptional value to one of their competitors.

Few crucial points to remember with this strategy:

  • Mr. Important try to sell himself in the interview. The man tries to look more important than he really is.Do note hesitate to come five minutes late for your interview, strongly apologize, saying that you are just coming from a meeting with a CEO of some other company.
  • Anything you will speak about – previous experiences, education or even interests, always mention some big names and words like CEOs, executives, directors, etc. When we say everywhere, we mean everywhere. If you say that you like to play tennis, why not to mention that you beat a member of IBM’s BOD last week?
  • Show what you can offer to their company, but also mention that people like you have their price on the market. If they want you in their team, they have to be ready to go deep in their pockets (an exceptional salary and plethora of benefits).
  • Do not forget to stress that there are already three job offers lying on your table, if they hesitate with their offer. You can say that you like their opportunity more than you like the other offers, but you still need to know their decision quickly.


Extreme doesn’t always work

Both of the techniques I just described are rather extreme. You will definitely stand out if you apply them in your interview, and the interviewers will remember you for some time.

The fact that they remember you, however, doesn’t necessarily imply that they will offer you a job…. You can give one of these techniques a shot, but in general, you should not try them in the interviews that are really important to you.

In such a case you should go for a more conservative approach, ensuring that you did your best to get a job. You can learn how to ace each part of your interview process in this article.