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People try to discover some special  methods and some tricks to succeed in an interview and to get the job. It’s true that is not always easy to make a good first impression and to build a good relationship to the recruiter during the job interview. Therefor we will try to help you to overcome this challenge with some unique techniques for interviews.

I will try to describe  two most extreme interview strategies. It is up to you to decide which one suits your personality and intentions better. However, always remember that doesn’t matter which techniques you try to apply in your interview, you should always stay yourself and be honest. Let’s have a look at them.


I’m interested only in this job!

This technique works quite well in certain types of interviews and at specific locations of the world. In fact it can take you very far in your professional career. It is based on few premises. The main goal is to invoke some special feelings for you, on the site of the interviewers. Just think about it. Every good interviewer looks for employee who will be loyal, strongly motivated and passionate about the job. And that’s exactly the shape you are going to present yourself in, if you decide to use this strategy in your interview. Few key points to remember here:


  • Guy have studied interview techniques and is ready Never speak about other working opportunities you have and interviews in other companies while being interviewed. You are interested only in the particular job you are applying for. Remember that.
  • Ask lots of questions about your working duties, company culture, your potential colleagues, the goals of the company, vision and so on. Of course, do not forget to listen carefully and mention how exciting it is, while the interviewers speak about that.
  • Do not speak about salary expectations at all. You want to invoke the feelings that you were born to work for them. If you use selected technique in an interview, to speak about salary will be a mistake.
  • Anytime they ask you questions about your goals and plans for the future, connect these plans and goals with the company where you are just applying for the job. This is absolutely impressive and recruiters are in general not used to hear such things.
  • Be positively tuned and smile all the time, while you are interviewed. This is the big day. You are sitting in a chair in a company you always dreamed about working at. That’s the feeling the interviewers should get, once you decided to choose this one of the interview techniques.


Following the described tips can be extremely useful, especially if we speak about jobs in lower management and especially if you are a fresh graduate. In case you have problems to understand and apply it, you can always use on of our products and services, to make yourself better prepared for the interview.


Second technique – I am the important one!

In some cases, especially when we speak about people with plenty of experience, applying for senior management positions, playing the important guy (or maybe really being the important guy), can be a path towards success. Using this technique, you try to make the interviewers believe that you are the perfect guy for the position, but you have plenty of other offers and so they should do their best to grab your attention and get you on a board as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could easily be working for their competitors on the next day. Let’s think about how you should act while using such strategy of playing (or being) Mister important.


  • Mr. Important try to sell himself in the interviewDo note hesitate to come five minutes late for your interview, strongly apologize, stating as a reason that you are just coming from a meeting with a CEO of some other company.
  • Anything you will speak about – previous experiences, education or even interests, always mention some big names and words like CEOs, executives, directors, etc. When we say everywhere, we mean everywhere. If you say that you like to play tennis, why not to mentioned that you beat a member of IBM’s BOD last week? It’s something impressive to hear, for any interviewer.
  • Present what you can offer to the company, but also do not forget to mention, that people like you are have their price. If someone wants such a great guy like you as a part of the team, he has to be ready to pay the price for that. Price means an exceptional salary and plethora of benefits. Interview techniques like playing Mr. Important demand such a behavior.
  • In case the interviewer says he will let you know the verdict in three days, do not forget to stress that there are already three offers lying on your table, and so you will appreciate to know the decision earlier. Of course, to not look too cocky (well, if this is even possible while using such interview techniques), say that you like the opportunity, so will strongly consider it once the offer is given.


To be able to use such extreme approaches to the interview like this one, you have to have something behind you. But if there is a proven track of your achievements and you really have what to offer, why not to try to make the employer long for you so desperately? Of course, if you have just finished your University and are in your first job interview, it’s not recommended to try to use these kind of strategies. It can be lot of fun, but it will barely bring you the desired result.


Both of the mentioned strategies are a bit extreme, that’s true. Most of the applicants pick something in the middle, depending on the experience, skills they have and achievements they have accomplished so far.

To stand out of the crowd, sometimes it’s not a bad decision to pick one of the extreme interview techniques and try to give it a shot, at least in few interviews. Anything you will do, we hope it will lead to your success and getting a job you want. Want to know some more? Check also some basic job interview preparation tips or other pages on the website.

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