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There are people with an ability to nail practically any kind of job interview. It seems like it is not important for them at all what education or experience they have…

They simply enter the interview room, wow the interviewers and get the offer. Such people posses a rare set of skills and abilities. Having these skills (sometimes people with it are not aware of it) makes from anyone a “front runner in a job interview”.

Some of the skills needed to interview so well you have to be born with, but  most of these interview abilities and skills you can improve by training and practice. Let’s have a look now at the list right now.


Crucial skills for job seekers

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important, if not the very essential skill in an interview.  To be able to assess and control the emotions of yourself and the others in interview room (in this case recruiters and employers) will give you an unfair advantage. Putting my own cards on the table, recruiters are not always the most skilled people in the company… If you have the art of emotional manipulation or pressure, you can easily get the best of it. There are courses where you can develop your emotional intelligence and also other interview skills. It will help you strongly not only in job interviews, but in entire life.

Ability to make friends

At the end of the day when lying to their beds, recruiters are also people. They also have their personal lives, relations and like to be with some kind of people. Speaking about interview skills, the ability to make other people around you feeling good is definitely one of them. If the employer feels good with you in the interview, he subconsciously imagine to feel good with you also in your daily job. If it happens, you are just one little step away from signing the work contract.

Ability to sell your ideas

With general answers to interview questions, you have just a little chance to grab the job. You will have to show some creativity, present your ideas and attitudes and sell it to the panel of interviewers. There are too many job seekers in the market these days. You have no chance with an average answers that recruiters will forget about in the next twenty minutes. You have to be creative, and you have to persuade the recruiters that there is a value in employing you.

Self confidence

Fear is the worst enemy you can have in a job interview. Once you are nervous or even afraid, all preparation and interview skills are forgotten. Once we are controlled with our fear, we are unable to concentrate on our performance and use all our skills and abilities in the interview. Learn to overcome your fear. There are various trainings and seminars where you can learn how to fight with your fear or even get rid of it completely. Such investment is really worth it, believe me…

As you can see, there are certain skills and abilities that can make from you a winner in practically any sort of job interview. Work on these skills, practice, and one day you will not only  get a perfect job… You will also be able start a career as a job interview coach :).
PS: Do not forget to have a look at Interview techniques and tricks, to understand basic strategies how to do well in an interview.

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