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Interview questions for nurses are pretty much job oriented. You will be not confronted with typical “what are your goals” questions in your nursing interview. Employer will try to find out several things about you and your core values. Namely the following:

  • If you have the right personality for the job of a nurse
  • If you know what is in front of you and what difficult situations can you face being a nurse
  • Why have you chosen this career, if your reasons are the correct one
  • If you can do your basic job
  • If you fit the culture and the demands of the particular institution where you are applying for a nursing job

Based on the above mentioned, a short list of about ten interview questions for nurses is constructed. Experienced recruiter, often accompanies by a senior nurse, can easily distinguish if you are the right candidate for the position, or if they simply have to look somewhere else. Let’s check such a list:


Common interview questions for nurses

  • Why have you decided for a career of a nurse?
  • Tell us something more about your studies and practice you have done while being at the nursing school?
  • What do you think makes a good nurse nowadays?
  • Is there any social group of people you particularly like to spend time with?
  • And is there any social group you especially can not stand?
  • During your practice at the nursing school, what was the most stressful experience for you?
  • Did you face any challenging situation when taking care of patients during your practice? If yes, can you tell me more about that situation?
  • If there are three patients asking for your assistance at the same time. Based on what will you decide who to serve first?
  • Imagine that an older patient dies during your night shift. what will you do in that moment?
  • What do you consider the worst possible thing that can happen to you during your working shift in hospital?
  • What are your favorites topic of discussion with other people?
  • What do you think is a primary goal of a nurse in a hospital?
  • When it comes to assessing the pre operational and post operational condition of a patient. What tasks can you perform?
  • Imagine a husband of one patients comes to the hospital and starts screaming on you, being unsatisfied with the level of care provided to his wife. How would you handle the situation?

Interview questions for nurses are far from easy. But if you have the right nursing education, and have chosen your job from the correct motives, you should have the right answers inside of you. Just do a little practice with our list of common interview questions for nurses and ace the interview. We wish you just the best.

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