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managing a busy restaurantTo work as a restaurant manager is not a simple job at all. To manage a restaurant, especially a big one, is a demanding and often also a stressful role.
However, if you decide to try to get this job despite of it, you should know what to expect in an interview, in order to be able to prepare well for it.

As a manager, you should be able to take decisions, to think quickly and to act responsively. This should be reflected in your behavior in an interview, as well as in your manner while answering the questions. Please keep it in mind. Translated into human language, it means that you should answer all the questions, answer it quickly, answer it in detail. Remember, not only you answers are observed in an interview. The way you answer the questions as well as your non verbal communication is likewise under radar.

This is a stressful occupation. Interviewer may therefor try to create stressful situations in an interview, to test if you are stress resistant. Try to stay calm, smiley and focused all the time, doesn’t matter what’s going on. That’s the best thing you can do to show your stress resistance. Now, here are some typical questions you can expect to get and hints as an inspiration for good answers.


Typical questions used in job interviews for restaurant manager job

What do you know about our restaurant?
As a serious applicant, you should know a lot about the restaurant. You should do your research and know approximately how many waitresses work there, what is a vision of a restaurant, what culture they try to create, etc.. Good applicant for a managerial position should notice all of this and should have an ability to talk about it openly in an interview.
On the top of that, you can compliment the quality of food and/or service, if you ate at the place before (what you should do).

Why do you want to become a manager of our restaurant?
First of all, you can mention the skills you posses, claiming that you believe to have enough skills to be a good manager of this restaurant. You can also say that you are motivated and like a busy and challenging working environment.
On a top of that, you can compliment the interviewer again, saying that it is a good restaurant, that you see a potential and would be proud to manage it and see ways how to improve it even more.

What would you improve in our restaurant?
I need to stress it once again: As a good restaurant manager, you should have answer to every question. If you do your research before an interview, you will know what to say. But anyway, even if there’s nothing on your mind, you can always count on typical answers, such as that you want to work on brand building and on improving the overall customer experience. That never hurts…

How would you motivate staff working in our restaurant?
Motivation is a key to succeed as a whole, especially for places like a busy restaurant. It’s actually not an easy task to motivate the staff. You should think about it before an interview and based on your previous experiences come with a sort of a plan. However, if there’s nothing on your mind, you can tell that you will use some team building activities, motivational bonuses as well as try to create a friendly environment, in order to keep the staff motivated and happy about being there.

They will ask you also couple of typical interview questions, related to this job. Such as:

We hope that with a help of our articles, you will prepare a good answer to every question prior to the interview and will impress the interviewers. Good Luck!

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