Interview Questions and Answers for Receptionist


bell in the receptionIt is not easy to get a job of a receptionist. Not at all. There are typically plenty of applicants for every single job opening for a receptionist. However, if you are aware of typical interview questions for receptionist, you should have a good chance in your interview.

We prepared for you the list of these questions. After every question, there is short suggestion how to answer it and what o think about. Hopefully it will help you in your job interview.


List of typical interview questions and answers for receptionist


Can you tell me something about yourself?

As a good applicant for receptionist position, you should focus on your communication skills. Tell the employer that you are a communicative person, like to help the others and enjoy speaking foreign languages.


Why did you decided to apply for this job?

It is good give a honest compliment at this place. You can tell that you really like the hotel chain (if it is a chain) or simply that you like the hotel and the atmosphere there, or that you like the place where you are. The situation itself should give you some hint.


What are your goals in five years horizon?

Honestly, there isn’t any real potential of career growth for receptionists. And employers know it. You can answer that you would like to become a better receptionist and enjoy your job. Do not speak about a job of a hotel manager, because it does not work that way really.


What is characteristic for a good receptionist from your point of view?

Good receptionist should be smiley, helpful and always consider the needs of customers to be her first priority.


Why do you think that people choose our hotel?

This is a common question in job interview for receptionist. A good answer here can help you significantly, but we can not give you an exact advice. You need to visit the website of the hotel or ideally spend a night in it. After that, you will be able to honestly compliment the most positive things in the hotel. Needless to say, interviewers love to listen to such things.


What languages do you speak?

You should mention all the languages, even if your level is just beginner. Sometimes it is enough to be able to book a room in hotel for a guest or to give an advice to foreign people. However, it is good to mention that you also learn a new language, or want to learn a new one.


Why should we choose you?

This is very difficult question, especially for receptionist. In order to find the right answer, you need to think about yourself for a while. Try to identify your abilities an skills which are:

  • unique
  • positive for the hotel

If you mention these skills, you will win the hearts of the interviewers.


What are your salary expectations?

Hotel chains use salary tables. So if you apply for a receptionist position in a hotel from a hotel chain, it will be all right to mention that you are okay with their salary structures. Anyway, you can use this formulation in every hotel.


What are your weaknesses?

To be over-friendly, too passionate or perhaps too punctual are definitely not bad weaknesses for the receptionist applicants. However, you should always be honest in your answer. We write more to this topic in weakness interview question article.


Do you have any questions on us?

It is good to ask one or two questions at the end of your interview. You can ask them about the next step of recruiting, or anything from your job (shifts, working patterns, where do receptionist sleep etc.). Just do not forget to thank the interviewers for every answer they give you!


Hopefully, this article helped you to understand better the possible interview questions for receptionist.

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