Image of a receptionist bellMany people typically apply for each receptionist job opening. If you want to succeed in an interview, you will need to convince the HR managers that you are the best one from the applicants. How can you do that?

You will need to answer their questions brilliantly, and show them the value you can bring to their team. Let’s have a look at the most common questions you can expect:


Why did you decide to apply for a job of a receptionist in our hotel (company)?

Honest compliment can help a lot. You can tell them that you  like the hotel chain (if it is a chain, or company, if you apply for an office receptionist job), or simply that you like the atmosphere in the place. And if it is a bad place (but you need a job there), tell them that you prefer their locality, or that you liked the job description.


What are your goals in five years time?

Job of a receptionist does not offer many career growth options, and the employers realize that. You can say that you would like to become a better receptionist in five years time, or you can mention some goals from your personal life. Alternatively you can say you would like to work as a lead receptionist (if it is big hotel, and the position exists at the place)


What characterize a good receptionist?

Good receptionist should be nice and talkative, charismatic, positive about life and other people. They should strive to provide a best possible customer service to each guest.


Why should people choose our hotel?

Visit the website of the hotel, check the reviews on and on other websites, or, if you can afford it, spend a night at the place before your interview. This will help you to understand why people should pick them (good location ,nice staff, clean rooms, great variety on breakfast, wellness included, you name it :)).


What languages do you speak?

Mention all languages, even if you are just starting to learn one of them. To know how to greet the guest, how to book the room for them, or give them basic instructions about the place and the city in their language, would suffice for  most receptionist jobs. You can also say that you are learning a new language (or planning to learn one), showing the hiring managers that you always strive to become better in your job.


Why should we choose you?

This is a difficult question, for everyone. Try to find something that makes you unique as a person, the value you can bring to the office/reception.


What are your salary expectations?

Check online the average salary for receptionist in the particular city/country. Just google it, there are statistics for each country, and for each job. If you apply for a position of a hotel receptionist, there typically won’t be any room for negotiation, as each new receptionist get paid the same salary. In such a case you can just say you’d expect what they typically pay to new hires, and that salary is not the deciding factor for you.


What are your weaknesses?

To be over-friendly to clients, passionate about the job, or perhaps over-punctual, are good answers, since many employers would not consider them your weaknesses. But you can pick any other weakness, in an ideal case it should not be something that’s essential for the job of a receptionist.


Do you have any questions?

It is good to ask one or two questions at the end of your interview. You can ask them about the next step of recruitment process, or about the job (shifts, working patterns, where do receptionist sleep, etc).


Website that specializes in receptionist interviews

Amanda Seizling, a recruitment consultant who works with several hotel chains prepared a specialized website for job seekers who try to get a job of a receptionist. Twenty five most common interview questions, role play for receptionist interviews, and winning interview strategies, you can find them all on

Alternatively you can check our article that offers answers to 15 common screening interview questions.

The Team at wishes you good luck in your interview!