ZS Associates has one of the most complex recruiting processes from all the companies in the US. If you are planning to get a job in this company, you need to prepare yourself for a behavioral interview, case interview, group interview and on the top of that, for a final meeting with a branch principal.

The interview questions used at ZS associates are very broad, ranging from typical interview questions in a first stage to very complex and complicated questions in the form of different written tests.

The first part of the interview, the screening one, is conducted just to test your communication skills and get a basic grasp of your personality. They will ask you questions such as:


It’s not really difficult and all you need to do is to give clear answer to the questions and present some kind of motivation and determination while being interviewed. Just then the fun begins…


Different parts of ZS associates interview process

The case study

Once you are invited for a live interview at ZS associates, you should prepare yourself for a long day… You’ll be interviewed using different sort of questions and tests and typically it takes several hours. I strongly recommend you to have a good sleep before this interview and eat well, becasue there won’t be too much time for the rest during the process. It’s also a kind of test, how you can handle stress, etc.

To the case study: You are supposed to choose an optimal method to rectify some sales related problem. You are given quite a lot of information (testing if you can distinguish what is important and what is not) and a decent time frame to come up with a solution and present it to one of the HR managers/ consultants.

To succeed in this part, it is important to come up with a concrete plan, steps of what you would do and most importantly, to SELL it to the person from the company. You should speak about your solutions with enthusiasm, make the “client” involved and simply show that you have a good sales person inside of you – what matters a lot for ZS associates.


Behavioral interview

This is the second part and is conducted after the case study. You are given several behavioral interview questions, such as “Describe me how did you solve a problem with your own motivation and motivation of your colleagues in particular situation.” The most important thing is to have a look at a list of typically used behavioral interview questions and prepare for it in advance. You should search in your mind for situations from the past that suit the question.
Many applicants do a big mistake, saying: “I can’t answer this question. I do not have such an experience”. If it is also your case, please do not use this formulation. Rather say what you would do if given situation happened to you.

Group interview

To compare applicants to each other, ZS associates often conducts a group interview, where latest trends are discussed. As a consultant, or person working for a consultancy company, you simply should have a good grasp of what is happening around, especially in your field. But do not try to talk all the time… The winner in a group interview is not someone who talks a lot. It’s someone who knows when to talk and make a right point. Keep it in mind and you should be okay.


Interview with an office principal

The last stage (not all applicants make it to this point) is special. You have a chance to talk to the office principal. Please remember, this person is not an expert in hiring people. He does not give you any behavioral questions or let you to solve case studies. He is simply trying to understand what kind of a person you are, what your values are, etc. The key to succeed in this stage is to create a good relation with this person, be relaxed and speak the same language he speaks. It’s not easy, but I believe you can do it.

So, that’s it. I hope you can prepare well for your interview and succeed. I wish you good luck!