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Woman prepares for a job interviewPreparation for an interview is a complex process. There are many questions that shall rise in a mind of every responsible job seeker. Among them the following:

  • How to ace an interview?
  • What to wear?
  • What research to do prior to my interview?
  • What things should I bring with me?
  • Should I prepare the portfolio?
  • And so on…

We designed an interview preparation guide section to help you to find the answers to all these questions.


  • Job interview preparation tips – Four main areas of complex interview preparation described. Do all mentioned there and your chances of acing an interview will rise to new heights.
  • Acing an interview– For acing any job interview you need two things: relevant experience and the right soft skills. Learn more about selling yourself to the recruiters.
  • Interview portfolio – Working portfolio can be a strong weapon in your hands. Such strong that you can get a job only because of having it. Learn how to use it effectively in the interviews.
  • Job interview etiquette – Some things are expected from every job seeker. The set of these unwritten rules if often called interview etiquette.
  • Interview techniques – Two most extreme techniques you can use to stand out from the crowd in an interview. Inspire yourself and be different.
  • How to interview well is actually a right question you should ask prior to your interview. We will help you to find the answer.
  • Mock interview questions – How to mock the interview? Who should you choose as a partner for this exercise?
  • Preparing for a job interview – Few key factors you should take into consideration when planning your preparation.
  • Interview skills for job seekers – Skills you can work on to become successful in the interviews. Do you have these skills? We will show you how to improve on it.
  • How to nail an interview – Summary of ten most important things and rules to remember if you want to nail your interview.
  • What to bring to an interview – List of common and uncommon things you should bring to an interview to improve your chances.
  • Questions to ask during an interview – Not only the right answers to interviewers questions, but also the right questions can help you to get a job. Learn more about it in this article.


More articles are being added regularly. We hope it will help you and wish you a nice stay on

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