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Once your face to face interview finished, the work is not done yet. You should follow up your interview with an email or call. It’s not only a certain form of interview etiquette. If you follow up your interview appropriately, you can increase your chances of getting a job, especially if the decision hasn’t been taken yet.

There are several forms of interview follow up. You can send a short thank you note, or you can send a little longer follow up letter.

For the brave one, follow up call is an option. However, it can not be used all the time. Learn more about various forms of interview follow up and check the samples in the following articles.


  • Interview follow up email – Learn how to write an effective interview follow up email. Check out the samples of great and easy to write follow emails.
  • Job interview follow up – Some basic rules you should keep in mind anytime when following up your job interview. Do not make a mistake on your very last step towards the job contract. Follow the rules and get the  job.
  • Interview thank you note – Learn how to make a unique interview thank you note. To stand from the crowd is not important only in the interview, but also after it.
  • Follow up letter after interview – Doesn’t matter if you decide to use a snail mail or electronic one, your follow up letter should meet certain criteria. Learn what specifications does an ideal follow up email have and how to compose it. See samples also.
  • Follow up call after interview – If you have guts, you can try call instead of email. It is more personal and better in general.
  • Job Interview Thank you Letter – Letter is longer than a thank you note, and is used not only to thank the interviewer for an interview, but also to further improve your chances of getting a job. Learn how to compose such a letter.


Even if you had a great feeling after a job interview you undertook, you still should follow up with a short email or call. To get a job, you shoudl do as much as possible. To write a thank you note will take just few minutes of time, but can be absolutely crucial in the final count. Do not underestimate it…

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