Follow up letter, or call, would not convince the employer to hire you, if they already decided to not offer you a job. But if the interview is undecided, if they are not sure about your application, of if they decide between two or three shortlisted candidates (and you are one of them), a good follow-up can convince them to give you a job.

It takes only a few minutes to send a simple email, or make one phone call to the employer. Therefor you should always do it, especially if they do not come back to you with a definite answer.

We write a couple of articles that talk about interview follow up strategies, to help you with your efforts.

  • Follow-up letter after the interview – Advice on how to write a good letter (or email), with samples. Understand the most important sections on your letter, and make a final push towards a coveted job contract.
  • Follow up call – Most of the time, you will not have the phone number of your interviewers. But if you get it (can happen in an agency, or in small and middle-sized companies), calling them is a great idea, becasue the call offers much more flexibility than a letter. What is more, even if they do not hire you, you can get a great feedback on the call with them, which will help you to prepare better for your next interviews.
  • Interview thank you note – A shorter form of saying “Thank you” for the opportunity they gave you in an interview. It is more of a formality, showing that you appreciate their time and efforts, and you should send one without any intentions.