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Woman is writing interview follow up emailSome people believe that once their job interview is finished, the work is done. However, if you want to improve your chances of getting a job, you should not forget to follow up your interview with an email or with a follow up call.
Interview follow up email is a short note you send to the recruiter, couple of hours, or couple of days, after the interview. The main purpose of it is simply to thank the interviewer for his time and simply remind him, that you are still interested in getting a job.

So, how to make it the right way? Let’s have a look at such an ideal email you should send the interviewers after the job interview.

Characteristics of ideal email sent to the employer after an interview

The ideal interview follow up email should fulfill the following conditions:

  • should be short and to the point
  • it should contain the name of the interviewer and the name of the position you applied for
  • should be written in a positive, optimistic note
  • it should stress your strong interest to get the job
  • if possible, it should be somehow unique


Guy is preparing the interview thank you emailEasy to say, hard to do. So, let’s have a look at such an example of a good email, just for this purpose. We will show you two examples.

First one is a general form, something you can use and you will neither make a mistake, nor a big impression with it. Second one is more creative, suitable to use when you apply for a position where creativity is one of the requirements, such as marketing positions.

Or when you simply want to stand our from the crowd, be special…

Examples of two emails

Subject of the email: Thank you for the interview.

Text: Dear (Name of the interviewer),
I just want to thank you for giving me a chance to present my abilities in the interview for (Name of a position). It was really a pleasure to talk to you. Today, after the interview, my interest to get this job is as strong as ever.

Thank you once again. I hope you will make a best decision and choose the most suitable candidate for this role, doesn’t matter if it will be me or anyone else.

Best Regards

(Your Name)


That was the standard form of the interview follow up email, now have a look at the example of creative version below.


Subject of your email: Thank you for nice meeting.

Text of your email: Dear (Name of the interviewer),
I can’t stop thinking about the job interview for the (Name of the position) with you. It wasn’t only a nice and creative talk, but it has also awaken my strong desire to work in your company. I can really see myself bringing an added value to your company and understand the added value this particular role can bring into my life.

Thank you fore presenting me this opportunity and I hope to hear from you again.

I hope you will make the best possible decision for your company and wish you good luck for the future!

Best Regards

(Your name)


Conclusion and why you should really follow up your job interview

She got the job and she is happy reading her emailsYou just saw two examples of interview follow up email. The statistics say that in the US, only every sixth applicant send the email or letter after his interview. Not to say making a follow up call, what is by far the most effective way. Learn how to make it correctly here. Speaking about European Union countries, the numbers are actually lower. So definitely, to send any form of thank you note is better than to do nothing.

Interviewers are busy people, and although it should not happen, sometimes they forget on candidates. So, why not to remind them about yourself, with a short and positive email or call?

Do it and increase your chances of getting a job you desire to have.

Looking for more inspiration? Have a look at other examples of follow up letters here.


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