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Coaching is the best way how to prepare for any job interview.  Interview coach (usually a former or active recruiter) role-plays various situations that can happen in the job interview, observes your behavior and reactions and give you concrete tips how to improve your presence in the real job interview.

That’s the simple nature of interview coaching. However, how does a great mentoring differs from an average one?


Interview coaching is not easy

What does a great coach perform during a lesson?

If we simplify it, great interview coaching helps you to identify your weaknesses in the job interview and shows you how to get rid of them. A really good interview coach practices with you various interview situations until you react in an appropriate and natural way, subconsciously.  (The right reaction becomes natural for you, so you do not have to think about it. You simply do things the right way. It is similar to driving a car once you know it.)


In fact the very best job interview coach practices with you not only the job interview, but also things that happen before it (phone calls, emails) and things that should happen after it (follow-up email etc.) Once the session is finished, you should be able to ace not only your next job interview, but impress the recruiters in every part of the selection process. So simply they can hardly choose anyone else.

In case that you are interested in interview coaching services, you should contact some coaches, and question them about the process of coaching. If they coach only the question and answers, it will most likely not be the good service for you.    Live interview coaching is fun, but it's not inexpensive


Disadvantages of this service

Coaching for an interview has also some disadvantages.  It is not the cheapest way of interview preparation indeed. One hour with a good coach costs up to $100, and it can be even more expensive, depending on circumstances and the kind of interview you are preparing for. Not to mention, that if it should bring real results, you should undertake at least 6 hours of interview coaching.  Still, if you have enough money and time, it’s definitely the best way how to prepare for the job interview.   However, you can be trained also online, what’s less expensive usually.  However, it is not the same like live coaching, regrettably.


The skill of successfully undertaking the job interviews is similar to any other skills. To have it,  you need some learning and some practice. You need some job interview coaching. So definitely, do not hesitate to learn and practice. Once you become the best and get a job you always wanted to have, you will be more than happy that you invested money and time in it.  And that’s what the good service should be about, or not?

In case that you prefer to learn by yourself, have a look at some answers to tough interview questions for managers, or some Skype interview tips. It shall help you in your interview preparation. Of course, there are many more interested articles on InterviewPenguin. But when it comes to the right coach, you will have to locate him or her on your own.

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