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Choosing right clothes also belongs to your  interview preparation. You know, good recruiter should not judge an applicant based on his attire. This should not affect his decisions.

But the reality is that most of the recruiters out there are not that good and that’s why interview attire may play a role and you should spend some time choosing it carefully.

Wear the same clothes you would wear to the job.

Woman wearing conservative interview attireSometimes things aren’t so difficult. If you are applying for a position of marketing manager, wear clothes you would wear to work – shirt and tie, or a blouse. That’s it!

If you apply for a job of customer assistant, nice blouse or clean t-shirt will do the job for you. And, if you apply for a car mechanic position, you should wear clean and well ironed overalls.

Why? Well, think about the following situation. They want to to test you practically, so they ask you to repair a car in an interview…Could you do it in business suit? Overalls will be better for sure… Be who you want to become.

Flight attendant job applicants, or club waiter job applicants, can and even should wear something attractive, because that’s the part of their job, to look good.Therefor, the first advice you should definitely remember is this one: Choose the same clothes you would wear to the daily job.


Stick to company colors

If you like to play with subconscious a little, wearing a shirt in the color that represents the company may do the trick. To wear blue shirt when applying for a job at IBM is a good idea, as an example.

To find out colors that represent the company, visit their website. In most of the cases you’ll be more likable to the interviewers, even if they do not realize the real reason for it. It’s simply a subconscious process on their side.

If you like to take a risk (or don’t have other aces in your sleeve), choose your attire based on your recruiter.

Easy going interviewer for who you do not need to care about attireWe live in a digital age. It is not a problem to find information about everyone. If you know the name of your recruiter, it is easy to find how old he is, what he likes to do and even if he is married, or single. And you should start from there…

If you find out that your interviewer is an easy going, honest guy, and wears red colored shirts all the time (typical for sanguine personality), you can adjust your interview attire to it, wearing some shiny colors. He will surely like it!

Or, if you discover that your interviewer is young and beautiful women work in his department, feel free to choose an attire you look extremely attractive in. Why not? It all depends on the person leading an interview with you.


Best advice at the end: Do not focus on your interview attire too much.

Woman thinking what to wear for an interviewAs was said in the beginning, good recruiter will place very little value on your physical appearance and attire (the jobs where good appearance is crucial, such as flight attendant, are exception).

Good recruiter is interested only in the following things:

  • Your abilities, skills, and experience relevant for the job.
  • The added value you can bring to the company.
  • If you fit to company culture, working environment.

If you have the right abilities, skills and experience, if you know what to say and how to act in an interview, it should not matter what clothes you wear.

But if you want to play a little game, game that may work very well with some interviewers, or you don’t have qualification and need to take some risks, you can choose your interview attire based on the company colors, or the person interviewing you. Anyway, you should not cross the line. We wish you good luck and a good choice!

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