What will happen in an internship interview?

Internship is a way of talent recruitment that has become popular around the world. Previously confined to medical graduates, it overlaps various industries and professions today.

Should you apply for internship? I would say you should, if you get a chance (or if you have an obligation to apply).

You should not, however, apply with a goal of signing a full-time job contract with the company whemn your internship ends.

Take it simply as your first working experience, and you will see what happens once your contract expires. In an ideal case, you should apply while still studying at the college. Once you graduate and earn a degree, it will be nice to have something on your resume.


Questions they will ask you in your interview

  1. Why did you decide to study medicine (or other field you study)?
  2. What do you know about us, and why are you interested to do internship in our company? (Try to say something nice about them, such as good references, nice working environment, great reputation of the company, good product portfolio, etc.)
  3. Can you please outline your career plan, what you like to do in five years, ten years, etc? (They want to understand if you can imagine your future career with them. Try to speak about jobs you can potentially do in their company in the future.)
  4. Why do you think our company should offer an internship to you? (Say that you are best student in the class, the most creative one, or someone it is fun to work with. Simply say something to stand out.)
  5. If we offer you a place, what value will you bring to our team? (A tough question, and an answer depends on your skills, personal traits, and basically the value you can bring to their team.)
  6. Do you think that you are ready to work in the company?
  7. Case study. Imagine you had to accomplish [certain task] in [certain time]. Tell us how you would proceed. (Outline the project milestones, and steps you would take. Show them that you understand something about planning, and project management.)
  8. Once your internship ends, what do you plan to do? (A good answer depends on the time of your internship, as well as your goals. If you apply for a post-graduate internship, tell them that you will look for a job, and perhaps suggest one or two positions in their company.)
  9. Describe an ideal boss, and colleague.
  10. How will your best friend describe you? And what about your worst enemy?


Prepare for the test, and behavioral questions

They may ask you to complete a personality test, and also an IQ test. This happens mostly when many people show interest to do internship with the company (which is the case in all prestigious companies).

You should also get ready for behavioral questions, and learn as much as you can about the company, before you interview with them.

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