image of auditEffectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes is very important for every single corporation. Internal audit should help the company to increase this effectiveness. From small businesses became corporations and names such as PwC, Deloitte or KPMG. They became famous all around the world…

If you want to a get of internal auditor, you will need to cope with some tough interview questions. These questions are pretty specific, as employers try to asses your real knowledge of accounting, risk management and other related areas, your readiness for the job.

In order to create a good picture about your personality (e.g. if you fit the company culture, if you are responsible), they will combine these specific questions with some typical interview questions. Together with assessment center that follows the interview, the recruiters get a pretty good grasp of you and your abilities.


List of typically used questions

  • Why did you decide to apply for this position?
  • What does internal audit mean for you?
  • Have you ever though about the risk management in our company?
  • Can you define the purpose of ISA 610 and INTOSAI standards?
  • What does IFAC mean?
  • What do you think are the main auditing risks in the company of this type?
  • What is the best risk assessment method for this size of a company?
  • Can you describe the base of substantive tests and when do we use them in the process of auditing?
  • What is your opinion: Is it necessary to test also the areas that does not seem to be problematic according to the financial statements?
  • What do you think characterize a good person for this role in internal audit?
  • If you get this role, what will you do in the first days and weeks of your job?
  • What do you consider to be your biggest weakness?
  • Do you think it is better to have an internal audit, or the external one? What are the advantages of both models?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Describe me a situation when you faced a problem you were not able to solve. What did you do?

This was list of some commonly used internal audit interview questions. We recommend you to practice with it. Think carefully about each question and if the answers aren’t obvious, utilize some help to find the right answer. You should definitely have a look at this interview package at least, to find out what the employers expect to hear from a good job candidate. Thank you!