People in easy going informational interview, the man is trying to understand the possibilities to get the job with them. Two female interviewers are relaxed, smiling

Informational interview is one of the alternative ways of getting employed. It is also your opportunity to learn more about potential employers, about their working environment, visions and goals, and even about their interview processes.

But how to get this interview? What questions will they ask you, and what questions you should ask them?

We will have a look at it in this article.


How to get the interview?

Informational interview in a restaurant, two cups of coffee on a table, one job candidate and one interviewer, both in casual outfit. Companies are usually happy to offer informational interviews, as long as they see some potential in the person who asks for one.

If you are going to ask for an interview, ensure they can find something good about you–ideally online, on your LinkedIn profile, or profile. Because that’s the first thing they will do when receiving your email–they will check you out.

Speaking about a formal way of getting this interview, you should send them an email. Phone call is acceptable only if you have a connection in the company, and ask them to arrange an informational interview for you.


What questions to ask in an informational interview?

job interview in a small office, a man is talking to a woman, they both wear white shirts and blue jackets. Start with easy questions about their company, such as what they do there, what their most successful products are, how many people work for them, how a typical day in work looks like, what is their working environment, what they try to achieve next year, etc.

Once this stage is over, they will typically ask you a few questions about your professional background, the projects you have worked on recently (are working on at the moment), your hobbies, and plans for the future.

This talk should naturally lead to a discussion of the working opportunities in their company. Once you know something about them, and they know something about you, you can discuss the working opportunities in the company, opportunities that suit your background….


Your goal is to get a job–but not in this interview

You would not waste your time with informational interviews if you didn’t want to get a job with the company. You know it, they know it, everyone knows it.

Nevertheless, you should not try to sign a job contract in an informational interview. Your goal is to simply make a connection. Make a good connection with someone in the company, with a person who can help you get a job interview in the future. If you manage to do that, you can call your informational interview a success….


Send them a thank you note

an executive is talking to a headhunter, discussing possibilities of changing their career.You will probably change business cards at the end of the interview. They will know how to contact you, and we hope they will contact you :).

Nevertheless, you should send them a short thank you note with your contact details. If the interview goes well, you can even suggest your interest to interview for one of the offers they advertise (on their careers website).

Alternatively you can indicate a positions you would like to have, one that is not available at the moment, but may become available in the future.



Information interview is great way of making a professional connection in any company. If you request it in a right way, you will get it. Try to make a great impression on the employee, show them the value you can bring to their team, and wait for them to make the next move….

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