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People in easy going informational interviewIs by far the best way how to learn as much as possible about your potential employer. During this meeting, you are speaking with a person employed in the company where you are trying to get a job. It is much better source of information than the company website. Just think about it for a while.

To find out some details about your potential interviewer, or about the management of the company is also possible in this interview. Such information are priceless when it comes to actual job interview. Once you know who you are going to meet, you can prepare better for your face to face meeting.


How to get this interview and what to ask?

How to ask someone to give you the interview?

Best person to ask for an interview is someone you know in the company. But in general, companies like when people are interested in their occupations. That’s why you will surely find someone who’ll be happy to give you an informational interview. Just go to the reception and ask them directly what you need.


How to behave during this interview?

Once you got the chance to speak with someone from the company, you should use it effectively. Do not waste neither your time, nor the time of other person. Mention directly in the beginning of the meeting why are you there. Have a list of questions prepared with you.


What questions to ask during an informational interview?

To make the interview interesting also for the other person, try to ask questions related to his daily job and his career in the company. These questions will not only give you a good understanding of the systems in the company, but also will put your interviewee in a good mood. And while he is in a good mood, he may tell you even some secrets about the interviewing process. Please, have a look at some good informational interview questions.


Why are you doing this interview?

You should never forget the primary reason why you are interviewing someone in a comapny. A reason is that you want to get a job at the end. That’s why you should try to make as good impression as possible, be interested and enthusiastic about everything, and try to spot the opportunity. If the person you speak to likes the conversation, he may tell you about some actual job openings or even invite you for a job interview. You never know what can happen…


Send a thank you note.

You will probably change the business cards in the informational interview. Or at least we advise you to do so. One day later, you should send a short thank you note to the person you interviewed. It’s a certain etiquette and will definitely improve your chances of making it through.


Be always prepared to snag a job.

While your primary intention is to get information about the company and possibilities for you, you never know what could happen in an interview. You should always have your resume with you, as well as your interview portfolio (often called also work portfolio). Sometimes the roles change pretty quickly. From an interviewee can easily become an interviewer. It happened many times in an informational interview. So be always ready, have all the documents with you and take the chance if you get it.

We wish you good luck!

PS: Do not forget to check what questions to ask in informational interview.

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