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I need a new career but am not able to decideAn average American citizen changes the career two times during his life. Everyone of us wakes up one day and says: I need a new career.
There is nothing odd at saying this. Everyone of us needs the change sometimes. It makes no sense to keep the job that does not make us happy. It makes no sense to continue a career, if we can’t see any purpose in it. It is perfectly okay to change your career.


I need a new career. But is it possible?

People have the tendency to panic in this situation. It seems to be very hard to start a new career. Just think about it for a while:

  • you do not have the appropriate education
  • you have no relevant experience (at least it may seem so)
  • you need to step into completely new, unknown waters

However, as was said before, typical American citizen changes his career two times in life. And most of these Americans succeed to do so. They find new happiness and new motivation in everyday life. If they are able to do it, you will find a new career also.


I need a new career. But what to do?

People often know that they need a new career, immediately. They simply hate their job, can’t stand the daily routine or have some other serious reason for that. To give a notice and get rid of troubles associated with the job is relatively easy. But you need to move on. You need to do something anyway. So, what do do when I need a new career?


1. Understand why you need the new career.

Firstly you have to understand the reason why you want to make a career change. Take a sheet of paper and jot down the following things:

  • Why you want to change the career?
  • What do you do not like about your present occupation?
  • What will make you happy in the new job (for example working with children, helping someone, etc.)?
  • What is the minimum salary you can accept at the moment (most likely it will be less than you are earning in current job)?


2. Look at your chances realistically

Secondly, you have to find out what options you have.

  • What jobs can you realistically get at the moment?
  • Is there any way how to gain the needed knowledge quickly?
  • Do you have any friends in different companies, places, industries, that can help you to start a new career?
  • How long can you afford to be jobless?


3. Summarize the answers to your questions and recognize if I need a new career is a true calling or just a temporary scream of your emotions.

After summarizing your chances, wishes and reasons, you should be able to identify a good job for you, or a brand new career. But please, be realistic. You can hardly switch from nursing to programming from day to day. It is just not possible. Anyway, you should identify at least two or three good roles.

Once you have identified these roles, think realistically about all the things you have to do in order to get each of these roles. For one role, you may need to go back to school. For another one, special training or changing your mindset may be required. It is up to you to look at things realistically. We advice you to consult this with a friend or professional coach also, to ensure that you are correct.


4. Decide about a new career and prepare a plan of your career change

It is time to decide and plan what to do. Switching a career is not only about saying that I need a new career and taking action. You need to plan the process carefully. You need to think about your budget and current situation of your household. You need to plan every step.


5. Execute your plan and start a new career.

Once you have the plan, all you need to do is to execute it. It may take one month, or three years since you woke up and said that I need a new career. But if you have a good plan and stick to it, it will happen for sure. We wish you good luck on your way to new career.
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