How to get a HR job in an interview?

Do you want to interview people for a job? Do you want to decide about their salaries, train them, and help them to improve on their weaknesses?

Human resources workers do all of that, and they do much more. This fascinating job field attracts many job seekers, and you will face a tough competition in your interview.

Screening interview, behavioral questions, and practical tests (personality and IQ test) will help us to recognize the best candidates in the huge pile of job applications.

Can it be you? Can you impress your interviewers, and convince them to hire you? We will try to help you with that.


Common interview questions for HR positions

  • Why do you want to work in HR? (Focus on people skills, ability to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of other people, passion for the field of work.)
  • What characterize a good human resources worker (assistant, generalist, manager, etc)? (Look at the job description and the list of working duties. You can use them for your answer. Alternatively you can say that good HR workers help the other staff members to progress professionally, and the company to benefit from their progress.)
  • Tell me something about your last boss. What were their strengths and weaknesses? (Try to speak mostly about strengths. Companies prefer to hire people who see the good in the others, who focus on the good things.)
  • Imagine you should choose a new general manager for our company. How would you proceed? Outline the basic steps you would take. (If you are not sure how you would answer this question, you can check our article for employers “how to conduct an interview“)
  • We are talking here together for a while. Can you tell me something about myself? What do you consider my strengths? (A tricky question. Compliment them for their skills, for the way they lead the interview with you. Try to win them over.)
  • What do you think motivates the workers in our company to work hard, and to try their best? (Again your chance to compliment them, for example for great working environment, a system of benefits they offer to the employees, or for anything else.)
  • How would you motivate other people, and how do you motivate yourself? (Team building, result-based benefits and rewards, going by example, a regular salary raise, etc are just some of the ideas you can present in your answer.)
  • How would you handle the pressure in this job?
  • From your point of view, how does a typical day of human resources worker (generalist, assistant, manager) look like? (Try to mention many duties, show them that you like to be busy in work. A job description should help you to identify the duties you will carry out on a daily basis.)
  • How would you assess the following abilities: emotional intelligence, communication skills, listening skills, duplication, and IQ in an interview with a job applicant?
  • Describe a conflict you had with one of your colleagues.
  • Why should we hire you, and not one of the other applicants?



Screening, behavioral, and practical questions, often complemented with a personality test. It is not an easy interview to ace….

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