Human resources are becoming more specialized. While in the past one man did everything, nowadays, there’s a specialist for everything. Training specialist is someone who train new employees, but also an existing one, in order to increase overall efficiency and quality of work.

One can find a lot of new job openings for this role. However, there are also a lot of applicants for it, as it goes about a good job with a decent salary. If you want to get it, you will have to deal with several tough interview questions. Let’s have a look at it right now:

Tough questions you can expect in an interview

How would you identify areas of improvement, when it comes to qualities of employees?
You can suggest different ways of identifying areas of improvement. To conduct surveys with them, to do some psychometry or other form of test to uncover their weaknesses, or even to make statistics and compare it with other companies from the same industry, in order to identify the areas of improvement, are good answers.

How would you train a new sales person?
You can say that you would engage experienced sales people from the company in the training. You can also say that you would do a basic orientation only and let the training for more experienced people. Or you can suggest hiring an external sales coach.

Would you be able to create some teaching materials for employees?
You should say you would. What more, you should give an example how would you do it. For example, you can look for inspiration on the internet or just follow what successful employees do and create a material based on their experience.

Why do you think you can be a good TS?
You should say that you have good communication skills, are able to recognize the weaknesses of the others and work with it. You can say as well that to help the others to improve themselves is your passion and goal.

What computer programs can you work with?
We live in a digital era. As as training specialist, you should be able to prepare PowerPoint presentations, to lead a conference, to work with typical word processors and data processors. Do not forget to say that you are ready to learn to work with any application that will be used or needed in your new job.

As it goes about an entry level job, you can expect several typical questions also. Please, click on each question to study more about a good answer:

Do not forget, a good trainer has to be a good listener at a first place. Try to present yourself like that in an interview. Do not interrupt the interviewer, listen carefully, answer to the point and do not be afraid to be creative in your answers. Show them that you can be a good training specialist. If you do so, there is no reason why they should not hire you. Good Luck!