A head of a hammer is hitting a nail, an illustration of nailing an interview.

1. Bang on time

Check Google maps and plan your trip in advance, to ensure you will come to the place on time. If you are late, they will not hire you.

2. Dress for success

Choose the clothes that represent who you are, clothes you feel good wearing.  Appealing and professional, that are the words to remember when choosing your interview attire.

3. Bring rather more than less

Do you have a work portfolio? What about references from your past employers? Do you have them? Most candidates bring nothing to the interview with them. Try to do more, the interviewers will appreciate it.

4. Focus on their words

Leave your problems and doubts at home Turn off your cell phone, there is no reason to get distracted. You will need every bit of your concentration in an interview.

four people in an office, three HR managers and one job candidate. They are in a middle of a lively talk.5. Smile, smile and smile

Smile is like a flu. If you smile when talking to other people, they won’t help their smiles. And you want the recruiters to smile, don’t you? With smile everything goes easier. Job interview is no exception.

6. Motivation, determination, enthusiasm

That’s exactly what the interviewers want to see in you. Determination to get the job, motivation to grow professionally and to try your best every day in work, and enthusiasm for their offer and their company.

7. Ask relevant questions

Ask about the company culture, ask them about the goals and vision they have, ask them about their future. You can learn more about good and bad questions in this article.

8. Try to be unique

You can easily get lost in the crowd, if you try to be average. Try to do something special, stand out in a positive way. With your interview answers, portfolio, with your communication, with anything. Stand out so they will remember you once the interview sessions end.

9. Be who you are

Try to be yourself in an interview. You do not have to reveal all your weaknesses, but admitting that you are a human being, and make mistakes, will definitely help you. Good interviewer will easily spot a lie, and you should not risk to lose your credibility in their eyes.

10. Do not forget to follow it up

Your work hasn’t finished once you leave the interview room. Send a follow up letter, or make a follow up call to ensure you did your best to get the job.

Once you follow these tips, and give them good answers to their questions, you will get the job.

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