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Demonstration of how to nail an interviewIn this article, we try to summarize ten most important things to remember in the interview, when you want to be the best person for the job, at least in the eyes of an interviewer.

If you are serious and want to the right things at the right them, then please devour every word that follows in this guide. It will help you to make the best possible long lasting impression on the interviewers.


10 fundamental rules for job seekers

Right place and time.

If you think that you will look like the busy and important person once you come late for your interview, you are wrong. Once you are late for the interview, your chances to succeed are practically gone. Check Google maps and plan your trip in advance to ensure you will be there on time. Good applicants always come on time.


Dress for success.

A right impression can be made only with the right clothes. Dress like you were already chosen for the job. Dress like the man you would like to be. Appealing but professional ,that is the slogan for your interview attire. You can find further inspirations in our article.


Bring rather more than less.

Do you have an interview portfolio? And did you know that just one of every twenty applicants has an interview portfolio with him? And what about personal reference from your previous employers? Do you have it with you? Not many candidates bring it to the interview… Maybe you won’t get a chance to use these materials… But what if you will? It is not so heavy to not take it, is it?


Focus on not less than hundred percent in the interview.

Nothing less than 100% concentration will give you the best chance of securing the job offer. Leave your personal problems and doubts at home when going to the interview. Turn off your cell phone, there is no reason to get disturbed by it or by anything else. It’s just between you and the interviewer.


Smile, smile and smile

Smile is like a flu. If you smile at other people, they will smile at you. And you want the recruiters to smile at you, don’t you? Come in the best mood possible to the interview. With smile, everything goes easier.


Motivation, determination, enthusiasm.

Three key characteristics of an ideal candidate for the job in the eyes of an employer. Determination to get the offer, motivation to grow and to do your best every day in work, and enthusiasm for the offer and your working duties. Present it in the interview and nail it.


Ask questions to the point

Recruiters love to be asked questions abut the company and about their job. Make them happy while you can. Ask them about the company culture, ask them about the goals and vision of the company, etc. On the other hand, avoid asking too personal questions about their family or personal life. You can learn more about what questions to avoid here.


Be unique

Too many people are invited for every interview nowadays. You can easily get lost amongst them if you are kind of an average guy. Try to make something special in order to stand from the crowd, in positive matters. It’s up to you to find out what will do the difference and how to do well in your interview with your uniqueness.


Be who you are

Do not try to be someone else. Of course, you do not have to show them all the corners of the cave, but still, do not try to show them a completely different personality. Be confident and tell the truth. It has one huge advantage – you do not have to remember what you said… And do not forget, most interviewers are professionals in uncovering lies.


Do not forget to follow it up

Professional in the art of being interviewed know that the deal is not done once they shake the hands and leave the room. After 16-24 hours, email a short thank you note to the interviewer. It can only help you, it can not hurt you.

To ace your job interview is easy, if you apply the fundamental rules outlined in this article. Do it and succeed!

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