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Woman holding her work portfolioOnce you are asking yourself how to make a portfolio, you are on the right track to get a job. Just one of twenty random job seekers brings any form of work portfolio to the job interview. To create an outstanding portfolio and present it in the interview is your chance to stand from the crowd.

There are several rules and advice how to make a portfolio. You should keep in mind that work portfolio does not represent only your work. The way you make it represent also your personality and skills like patience, responsibility or creativity. So if you want to have your interview portfolio (and you definitely should have one), its quality should be pretty high. Let’s have a look at an easy step by step guide how to prepare an outstanding work portfolio for your job interview.


How to make a portfolio step by step guide for newbies

Step 1. Create a plan of your portfolio.
Decide what you are going to include in you portfolio. We can advice you the following parts:

  • Introduction page – One page document outlining your strengths and biggest career achievements, as well as your career plan for the future.
  • Photos of results of your work – Visualization is a strong weapon, not only in the business of sales. People love pictures and can easily imagine things based on them. Include few picture of you in the work or of the results of your work. (If you are a marketing manager, result of your work can be a certain marketing campaign, logo, slogan, etc.)


  • Personal references – Personal references, or we can call them “world of praise” from your colleagues, bosses but also subordinates are for sure interesting for potential employer. You should include them in your portfolio.
  • One page devoted to every important role you occupied in life – you should devote one page to every job where you have been at least for one year. Describe your main duties there, biggest achievements and what you have learned there. These are the main important things for your new potential employer.

Beside these four key elements of every good portfolio, you can use your creativity to add something special. For example a personal page of your hobbies or some work of art you have done. Show the employer that you do not have heart from stone and are a human also. If it is  a last page of your work portfolio, it can only help.
Step 2. Prepare all the pieces.
Once you know exactly what you want to include in your work portfolio, it is time to sit at computer and prepare all the essentials. Work on every page, pay attention to details, and do not forget to include photos of your work. Portfolio is called work portfolio for a reason. Photos are the key to success.

Step 3. Put your portfolio together.
Once you have printed everything, using a high quality ink printer, you can start putting it together. You have probably already bought some nice cover desk for your portfolio (blue or black color of cover will be the best choice). Put it all together, and you are all set.

How to make a portfolio is not that hard. It’s just about finding some time, creating the right plan and then put in some extra effort. In case you are too lazy to make your portfolio or do not know how to make a portfolio, do not hesitate to use the services of professional designers. These people know their job pretty good. Once you give them rough material for the portfolio, they can do miracles for hundred bucks. Once you get the job you will just say: “those money were well invested.”

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