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It is a question many are asking themselves. However it is not so difficult as you may think it is. It’s just about realizing what you can offer as an employee to potential employer and then demonstrating it on the job market.

Easy to say, hard to do, right? Well, do not be worried. We will analyze the few important steps you need to take right now!

How to get a job with no experience?

Steps you need to take as a fresher to get a job

Step 1: Asses honestly what you can offer in the job market.

Look at your strengths, your talents, abilities. For example can you speak any foreign language? Are you skilled with a computer program not many people are skilled with? Or, are you simply good in communicating with other people? Or maybe you have a very good physical condition and so can do some physically demanding jobs?

Everyone of us has some strengths and every strength can be used in certain kind of employment. That’s why the first step to undertake on your to a new job is to realize what you are able to offer to your future employer.

Are you done with the list of your strengths? Fine then! Let’s move to second step!


Step 2: Identify, in what jobs your strengths can be utilized

So here you are, with the list of your strengths and abilities. You can use it later in the interview when answering weakness question and strength question. Now it is time to sit and think deeply, who can benefit from them. Think about various companies in the city, and various jobs they offer. You can use local job listing as a hint. Juts read the job descriptions to understand what abilities are sought for every position. And, similarly to finding a life partner, try to find a good match.

Simply identify the job where they are looking for someone like you, and you will be right on the track answering how to get a job with no experience.

Okay, the first two steps were relatively easy, but now comes the difficult part!

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Step 3: Make unique job application

Unique job application writingThis is the step where most of the people with no experience make a mistake. What they do is that they try to look as someone with experience, although they do not really have any… And that’s not a way how to get a job with no experience, definitely.

The key is to show the employer the truth – that you have no experience indeed, but, to show him that there are other reasons why s/he should employ you (in a second I will show you an example).

The key is to present yourself as a right personality for the job, stating the benefits the employer may gain from giving you a job and stay to be a honest guy at the same time.  So, how does such a job application look like? Let me demonstrate it on a short example.

Imagine that you apply for a sales position in Boots, and you really have no previous experience with the job. Check what I mean when speaking about an unique application:


Dear Mr. Employer,

I was very happy when I found that you are looking for new salesmen to work in your store in New York. In that moment I knew – this is exactly the job where I can do the most for everyone, including my employer.

Not only that I am a really communicative person, but in fact to talk to other people and sell stuff I like to use by myself is my greatest passion.

As a regular customer of Boots, I really like the company culture and know already a lot about products you offer. I think that I can really contribute to the prosperity of the store, as well as happiness of the customers.

The fact is that I have not any relevant experience at the moment, simply because I am young and have never looked for a job before. Anyway, we are selling ourselves and our thoughts on day to day basis, so I believe that with my predispositions, motivation and love to Boots, I am the perfect candidate for this sales position. I am ready to come to an interview anytime, to demonstrate my abilities and passion for this job in Boots. Please, in enclosed resume you can find out more about my personality and education.


Mr. Employer, thank you for reading my application. I hope to get a call from you and meet you in the personal interview.


Best Regards

Job candidate and regular Boots customer

Jason Dwarn


So, that’s it, that’s how to get a job even when you have no experience, with the right job application. However, there is one more step left to do on your way:


Step 4: Prepare for an interview, to be able to demonstrate what you have presented in the job application.

It would make no sense to make an employer excited about you, and then burn out in the job interview… There is plenty of free, and also paid, help on the web. Especially on, you can find many good articles to help you with your interview preparation.

Learn from it, follow the four presented steps and find a job, even if you have no experience at all!

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