A man is handing his business card to one of the Google employees, hoping they can arrange an interview with the company.People wonder how to get a job with this internet giant, and one of the best employers in the world.

Is it really impossible? Do you really need exceptional school results, talent, and intellect to have any chances of signing a job contract with Google?

Google is just another company. Well, somehow… Google receives more than one million job applications each year.
One million is one million. Even if they advertised ten thousand open positions each year (which they do not do), just one of every 100 candidates will get a job with them.

Conclusion: To get a job at Google in a traditional way (applying online, interviewing withe the company), you really need to be someone with exceptional skills-set and intelligence.


Can I succeed if I am not super smart?

Man calls one of his former classmates, a Google employee, asking them for a referral and interview.In spite of their reputation and of all legends that surround them, Google is just another company. Some practices that work at other places can work also  at Google. Lets have a look at them right now.


1. Use your personal connections

If you know someone at Google, give them a call. Tell them about your passion for Google and explain them why Google should hire you. You need to show them the value you can bring to Google, and instruct them on how to present this value to one of the HR guys.

But remember that the most they can do for you is arranging an interview with someone in the company… Do not ask them for anything more. 


2. If you do not have a connection, build one

It is easy to find out who works for Google. These people are active on Social media, and they are proud on their jobs. Locate a good target and try to connect with them. Give feedback on their work, talk to them, show them some recognition.

People recruit friends. Make a friend in Google (ideally in their HR department), and you can find yourself working for them pretty soon.


3. Be creative in your job search.

You have probably heard this story about Google search experiment. An engineer paid for Adwords advertising, and targeted as his keywords the names of some creative directors in New York area. Watch the video to see how he fared–not badly, indeed!

The same practice will probably not work anymore. However, the experiment shows us that once you use your imagination, once you try something creative, and once you remember that even the highest managers and executives are only people, great things can happen….

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