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Woman is thinking about a new jobThat is a questions of many in today’s economic climate. Unemployment rates escalating fast, job seekers better prepared every day,… it is not so easy anymore to get virtually any job.

To help you out of the trouble, I will try to give you some advice here, so you know how to locate a good job nowadays. A lot of work from your side is needed, but it’s the only way how to get a new employment, if nothing of the following is a case:

  • Your good friend is a head of HR department in some middle sized or big company. If that is a case, you might get a job tomorrow. All you have to do is to go and ask him for help.
  • One of your good friends with similar experience will retire soon. If you fulfill the requirements and ask him, he should give you a helping hand and secure the place for you once he retires…


But what to do if I do not have such a friend?

If you want to go the orthodox way, that means identifying your strengths, sending job applications the right way to right people and then spend several hours with deep interview preparation, we prepared a step by step guide for you: How to get a job guide.

But there are also some other, let’s say more creative methods how to find a job. We will tell you something about them now.


Method one: Utilize all your references.

Despite the downswing of economy, companies are still hiring. Just check the job boards if you do not believe me… The thing is that in every bigger company someone is leaving and they are hiring someone new. And maybe some of your friends have at least a little influence in the company where he works. Or at least, he can give a recommendation to the employer.
Such recommendation can often be an invitation for a job interview. So, pick up your phone, give a ring to all your friends and describe them your situation. Ask them for help. How to locate an employment might be no question anymore after you do that.


Method two: Can’t you find a job? Create one!

Every year more and more people choose to change the career and become self employed, especially in the US. It has many advanatages and is not as tough as you might imagine. For example if you learn to design websites like this one, and improve your sales skills a little, you can be making decent some of money every month just from web design. But this was just an example. Find anything you like to do and create a job for yourself.


Method three: Use professional help!

If you are in later stage of your career and have a good level of experience, paid help might be what you need. It’s a modern trend nowadays, that agencies and headhunters do not help only companies to find right employees, but also people like you to find good jobs. Just google for headhunter in your neighborhood and you will find.

So, these were so atypical ways how to get yourself some kind of a job. If you want to go the traditional way, for sure check the following articles:

I wish you good luck in your interview. Never give up!

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