1. Keep it simple

Man in a nice but simple interview outfit - black jacket, blue shirt, blue tie, and positive body language.Simple one colored shirt, skirt, or even t-shirt is fine in most cases. The interviewer shall pay attention to what you say, not what you wear (unless you apply for a job of a flight attendant, hostess, or some similar role).

You can obviously mix some colors and try to experiment (female interviewers like blue and red colors, male love green, blue, and black), but in general, you should try to keep it simple. Try to stand out with your words, not with your clothes.


2. Learn from their dress code

Find out what they wear in the company, the dress code they follow. Try to adhere to it in your interview. If the female employees wear skirts, wear one two. If everyone wears something in dark blue color (becasue the color represents their corporate identity), wear also something in dark blue.


Woman in a beautiful and professional interview attire, cream jacket, cream pants, white blouse. We can see other people in the background.3. Keep it comfortable

Uncomfortable clothes (or shoes), and little niggles we feel here and there becasue of wearing them, can easily impact our concentration in an interview. You can lose only ten percent, or perhaps just one percent from your focus becasue of the clothes–which does not seem much. In some cases, however, you will need to deliver your very best performance to succeed, and to outclass the other job seekers who compete with you in an interview. Therefore you should put on something comfortable, something you feel good wearing. Do not buy new clothes just for your interview.


4. Focus on things that matter the most

Honestly, if you do not wear many accessories, if your clothes aren’t dirty or strongly inappropriate for the position you apply for, you will be fine in your interview. Of course, every detail counts, but you should not spend too much time choosing your clothes, because you have many other important things to take care of in your preparation. For example:

Interview Penguin wishes you good luck in your interview!