That is a question many job seekers ask themselves while preparing for their job interview. But in fact, it is not difficult at all to choose a good dress for your interview. You just need to remember few important rules regarding this issue. Here are the rules to remember and to stick to:


1. Keep it simple

Simple one colored shirt, skirt, or even t-shirt is fine. The interviewer shall pay attention to what you say, not to what you wear. So try to wear something that is not too eye-catchy. The interviewer will then concentrate purely on your answers and that is what s/he should do. You can obviously mix some colors and try to experiment, but in general, you should not try to draw attention at your clothes. Otherwise, it can easily happen that the interviewer will remember you as a beautiful candidate, but hardly recollect what you have said.


2. Learn from other employees

Try to find out what employees working on the same position wear at work on a daily basis. Once you have this information, you should dress in the similar way. This will help the employer understand that you suit the working environment well and that you will have no problems with the dress code of the company, as well as getting along with your new colleagues.


3. Keep it comfortable

If you want to succeed in the job interview, you should be able to focus on everything happening in a room perfectly. There is no space to think about something else in an interview. Clothes or shoes you feel uncomfortable in may easily cause the level of your concentration on interviewer’s questions to drop, what usually leads to negative interview result. Therefore, put on something comfortable you have already had on you few times before. Do not buy new clothes for the interview. This is not a good idea.


Man is thinking how to dress for an interview4. Focus on things that are really important.

Honestly, if you do not wear some strange accessories, your clothes aren’t dirty or strongly inappropriate for the position you apply for, you’ll be fine in the eyes of the interviewers. Therefor, there is no need to focus on it that much. Just follow the simple tips and ace your interview in a simple, comfortable, appropriate attire.


You should rather spend your time with appropriate interview preparation, such as learning something about your potential employer, checking some unique interview tips, preparing your portfolio for an interview, improving your resume, checking the feedback on social media, planning your trip to the interview, etc.  And of course, you should devote enough time to study the most possible interview questions.

However, in case you want to see some advanced tips and tricks regarding dressing for an interview, then have a look at interview attire special tips. Take it easy, enjoy your job interview and get the job!