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In the articles on the pages of, we try to help you to find the answers to typical interview questions. What do you know about our company belongs definitely to typical questions worldwide. Let’s analyze it together.

Quite typically, job seekers apply for multiple offers at the same time. Hiring managers are aware of this behavior. Therefor, in order to understand your true level of interest for the job, they ask you this particular question.

Just think about it for a while…. If you were really interested in the job, you’d have a look at website of the company before the interview and would prepare something. Most job seekers won’t do so, but take it as your opportunity to stand out.

Many job seekers actually  answer this question badly. We advice you to stay away from the following answers:

  • I do not know too much about your company. The economy is declining and I apply for many offers and do not have time to investigate about each company.
  • I know just a little about your company.  The name is IBM, isn’t it? 🙂
  • I know that you are looking for a new marketing manager and that’s why I am here. I do not know anything else.


Although the above mentioned answers may sound funny to you, it is not funny to hear them for the employers. There’s no place for funny answers in a serious interview.

Please, stay away from these answers. In order to construct the right answer, you will need to browse the company website and gain some information. While doing so, try to focus on the following things:

  • Biggest achievements of the company
  • Company culture and working environment
  • Vision of the company, including long terms goals
  • The working duties you may possibly have in your job
  • Anything else you can compliment in the interview


To give you some idea how to answer this question, we prepared for you several sample answers. You can see the explanation below each sample. These samples come from job seekers that participated in our survey, or bought our interview success recording.


Real answers to what do you know about our company question


Your company specializes in export-import and is active primarily in CIS marketplace. Since I have experience with these markets, and speak Russian fluently, I see it as a good place for work.


This applicant did more than just summarizing what the company specializes on. He used the opportunity to show the interviewers why he is a good match for the offer.


I googled some information about your company. I found good reviews when it comes to delivering your services. What more, past employees said only good things about you on social media.


This job seeker did something extra as well. Instead of just checking the company website, he spent time reading reviews, and checking feedback from past employees on social media. This is a clear sign of a strong interest for a job. The interviewers must have loved their answer.


What caught my eye on your website was your vision. I really like the way you approach your customers and the long term goals you try to achieve with your activity. Hopefully I will get an opportunity to help you achieve these goals.


Most managers and HR directors are proud on the vision and long term goals of their company. To compliment them is definitely a great way to answer this question. What more, you can mention, just by the way, how you could contribute to achieving the goals. Employers will be stunned after such an answer!


Your company is the leading player on the market, when it comes to market share and ROI. What more, these numbers are growing every year. You must be employing only real professionals in your company. That’s why you may like to me on board as well….


Market share, profit, revenues, etc. If you mention any of these words in a positive relation to the company, it will be the music for the ears of the hiring managers. What’s more, they will see that you are interested in the right things – the profit and the prosperity of the company, not only your paycheck.


I read a lot about your company. The open space offices, lounge for the employees and team building activities you organize are really interesting. It seems it is a great place to work andthat’s the reason why I applied for this job.


HR people are typically responsible for team building activities and similar things we all enjoy (or at least most of s do enjoy them:)). Complimenting them, you are in fact complimenting the recuriters. That is the reason why this answer can win you the hearts of many interviewers. Do not hesitate to use it.


Before you choose one of the presented answers, ensure to verify the information. I mean, it would make no sense to say how great team building activities they have,  or boost about high profits they achieved, if it was not true.

Find something positive, connect it with your interest for the job, and you have the perfect answer to this question. Good Luck!


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